Okay.....I want to get something off my chest (NO....not those!)  

ViciousPleasure 56M/55F
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6/5/2006 3:57 pm

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5/18/2009 1:09 pm

Okay.....I want to get something off my chest (NO....not those!)

Well, the Lady is kind of torqued. I happen to like my shadows and I hide in them for a very good reason. Now here's what's got me annoyed....

I get a lot of correspondence from men on this site, and a couple others I belong to, and I try to keep up with my emails as much as I can, and IM when possible. I like to chat that way and get to know someone.


I seem to get grief from a few guys because I'm hardly ever online to chat. When I am, I usually don't have much time. Or...I'm online but in "stealth mode" so that no one disturbs me while I check my mail or work on bills, etc. It was insinuated by one individual that I must think I'm too good to talk to him. Yeah, that's it. Please!

So, here goes....

I have a life. I work full time during the day and do NOT chat from work. I have a family. We live at the ballpark during the summer (Little League baseball) and a lot on weekends, too. When I get home in the evenings, I have to feed my family, take care of my pets and my house and my bills, etc. I spend time with my 84 year-old mother at least once a week. I write. I also like to take time to work on my art (I draw and paint when I can). I try to squeeze in a play-date when and if I can, but they are few and far between with my schedule as it is.

I am not lonely, neglected or looking for someone to "take me away from all this". I am happily married to a man who supports my playtime, and likes to join in sometimes, or play with another couple if we can. His schedule is tight, too, so that is very limited. Any recreational activities I participate in here are strictly because I want a little extra fun. There is not some void in my life I need to fill. I do get sex at home and would be fine if that's all I got. I do, however, love my extra fun when I can get it.

If I choose to share what little free time I have with someone, it is because I find them attractive, fun and intelligent. I want friends with benefits; friends that understand this lifestyle and my point of view, and how limited our time will have to be. There are plenty of people who have much more free time than I do, and I think they are fortunate. That is not, however, going to happen to me any time soon. And that's okay.

So please guys.........don't be rude. Don't assume that I (or anyone else for that matter) am hiding or being stuck-up, or whatever. I don't need the attitude, and will quickly decide that I don't want to speak to you at all if that is how you approach me. I don't have time for games, and I don't need it. Be considerate of those who have busy lives. We want to play, too. It's just that we have to do it on OUR terms. Accept it, or find someone else. It's that simple.

Okay. I think I've got that out of my system now. Treat me with respect, and I'll do the same for you. It's what we ALL should do.

Have a great evening everyone, and play hard when you can.

The Lady of (intentional) Shadows

nocello 67M
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6/10/2006 2:54 pm

Direct and to the point---and makes sense. We all have differances in how we spend our lives, our responsibilities and our enjoyments.

rm_mrk641 76M
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7/6/2006 11:03 am

You are gorgeous and so is your retriever. Tell these people to get a life. I do not let any comments bother me anymore. One of the beauties of getting more seasoned. I love your comments and I intend to read your stories. I will be in lsvl for a short time and would love to meet you, but it appears you will probably be busy. Anyway

Kisses Mike

ViciousPleasure replies on 7/16/2006 2:55 am:
Thank you. I don't let the comments bother me either. That one just struck me the wrong way that day and, quite frankly, it pissed me off!

Thank you for the compliment. Solomon, my golden retriever, says thank you as well. He's a real ham in front of the camera. He seems to be saying "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!".

kerpal54 68M
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7/14/2006 10:18 am

Vicious Pleasure, I too am very limited on time to be on my computer or to have time to play but I fully understand what you are saying.

I just recently checked out this blog and I must say you are absolutely beautiful. I would like very much to get together with you for some extra curricuar fun. I live in the area of Versailles In. and would like to meet you sometime.

By the way I too am married and although she supports this she does not want to be involved. And I will not change what I have now.

Hope to get a response!


ViciousPleasure replies on 7/16/2006 3:01 am:
Very sweet of you to say that. Thank you.

ViciousPleasure replies on 7/16/2006 3:01 am:
Very sweet of you to say that. Thank you.

kerpal54 68M
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7/24/2006 5:43 am

Vicious pleasure,
Sorry I could not get back to you sooner. I still think you are absolutely drop dead beautiful. When you replied you asked fro a picture, I dont have any way to get one on here. I dont have a scanner or digital camera. I would like to converse more but I have a standard membership and that does not allow emails or the like. Continue to post and I did look at your gallery - wish I was lucky enough to be him.

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