The Magic Dance Machine  

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The Magic Dance Machine

On one occasion I remember we were working for the 2001 Corporation, they owned the Met in Mobile, 2001 in Pensacola and 3D in Baton Rouge all high volume nightclubs that hosted our "For Ladies Only" show. It was a two hour show with anywhere from two hundred to four hundred screaming women waving cash in our face. This was probably the most exciting,high energy,money making experience I had ever been involved in during my entire life. We would come out in a costume that we had put together ourselves and dance to two songs by ourselves on the dance floor, working our way around the dance floor completely, taking as much money as we could get stuffed into our G string during the 2 songs and then we worked the tables doing table dances at 20 to 50 bucks a pop and getting to know our clientele. I felt like a kid in a candy store, tryng to decide what candy I wanted to take out to the parking lot and what candy I wanted to take home.This was the first time in my life where multiple groups of women were lining up to get fucked by me.

After years of observation of the human condition I have come up with this hypothesis "The Spot Light Theory" this theory postulates that anyone in the spot light, no matter their looks, intelligence or station in life becomes the object of the viewers desire, as long as they are in the spotlight. We are a pretty strange species and I was in the spot light.

The Police Woman & the Nurse the first time I ever had sex with two women friends during the same evening. I had gone out to the parking lot with these two. They were parked directly in front of the doors of 2001. The police woman was in the front passenger seat of a red Camaro. I had the door open and I was kneeling down half in the car pulling up her dress as people walked by exiting the club. She had panty hose on and I ripped a hole in the crotch so I could get to that hot juicy blond police pussy. She told me she had a twin sister and as I licked her pussy in the busy parking lot I had visions of doing her and her sister. I can only imagine how awkward I must have looked while scarfing up pussy in the parking lot. We decided to drive out to the beach to the Entertainers condo. Police woman sucked my cock while I drove out to the beach. When we got to the beach we split off with the Entertainer taking the nurse and me taking the police woman off to separate rooms.

The police woman was 6 ft tall, beautiful, blue eyes and huge tits with large pink erect nipples. She wanted me and was so horny that the juices were running down the inside of her thighs. She had already sucked my cock until I came in her mouth on the drive out to the beach and she had swallowed every drop of my cum and said that she loved the sweet taste. She layed down on the bed and spread her long lean legs high and wide. I was ready toreally eatthis pussy now. I grasped her labia wide and put my whole face into her pussy and shook my head with my tounge extended to its full length. I licked the full length all the way to her krinckled star. I whipped out my cock and slapped it on her clit till it was red and hard and I proceeded to plunge my prick into the depths of her honey smelling cunt. Pulling it completely out after every slow plunge. She met me plunge for plunge and moaning in estasy with every queef. I flipped her over to finish her off hard. What a beautiful view of her ass. Her asshole was small and pink, as I stuck my cock in from behind, I slapped her ass and began to fuck her hard and fast while I inserted my thumb in her asshole. I pulled my cock out and came all over her asshole. About this time the nurse came in and police woman went to go fuck the Entertainer. I told the nurse that I didn't think I could go right away again. She said yes I would. My costume had been the Doctor of Love that night and the nurse said she wanted to wear my lab coat and stethescope while she suck my cock back to large again. She was short and auburn colored hair with perky little tits which were extremely pointy. She jacked my cock while it was in her mouth with one hand and fondled my asshole with the other hand. She was right, she made it large again in no time. I proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. Generally the second go round takes me a lot longer to come to orgasm and she appreciated the fact that my cock seemed to have endless hardness. When I was ready to come she let me give her a pearl necklace as I came all over her face and neck. She wiped it off and with her fingers and sucked the come off of them. Sleep and beach in the morning was the next thing I remember.

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