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7/26/2006 3:25 pm

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In Kyoto, Japan there is a taxi service called KINKI TAXI, honest. Although I was unable to do anything kinki while in the taxi I thought that it was an apropo name. I' ve been kind of kinki lately. I have been working on some cast plaster sculptures the last few weeks and I have cast the packaging material which is fun plastic that your sex toys come wrapped in. The containers are all one piece and they fold. I make a wooden v-shape for each side and fill er up with plaster. So far I have done a long cinnamon double dong and some sort of pocket rocket as well as a huge drill. I would like your personal playtoy packaging if you can open them with out destroying the plastic. So contact me and I will tell you where to send your plastic packaging. I am going to have a 21st century exhibition of cast adult toys packaging.


7/26/2006 4:10 pm

Kinki art! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

VenusDiaries replies on 7/28/2006 8:34 am:
Love it,,,,

TheCliticals 36F/F

7/28/2006 12:36 am

So artistic

Thanks for supporting our blog

VenusDiaries replies on 7/28/2006 8:34 am:
You girls are favorites worldwide.

NSAAddict 43F

8/1/2006 9:55 am

That's a great idea Venus, I like to support artists... so I have some wrappings for you Will we get to see the finished product?

VenusDiaries replies on 8/1/2006 5:19 pm:
Most certainly, if I create an edition I might be able to provide you with one. Email me at mrmdecuellar at the hot male and I will forward you an address.

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