Fantasy Theft Occurred (FICTION)  

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6/12/2006 12:21 pm

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Fantasy Theft Occurred (FICTION)

I am sorry that sometimes I am overwhelmed and I have to rely on you viewers at home to provide me the impetus for new, reliable, kinky, unbelieable fantasies. I have been reaching into your profiles and borrowing, stealing, using a little slight of hand to pilfer your fantasies right out from under you nose. There is really nothing wrong with this act that I have committed as it is a postmodern concept of appropriation sort of like the collective consiousness. One of the fantasies that I have seen frequently is the waterfall fantasy. Well I just happen to have my very own waterfall and had never been creative enough to think about having some illicit afternoon fun there until yesterday. The opportunity presented itself and I headed for the falls on my bike accompanied by my understudy. It was hot and after the climb down the steep hill sweat was rolling off my brow. One miscalculation could send you tumbling to the bottom of the gorge. There is a small pool one hundred yards from the 90ft dropoff, plunging to the rocks below the falls. It is an intimate surrounding full of rodadendrum and the pool with the small falls is about 15ft high. The pool of water on the right comes to my solar plexus and the ledge angles up to the exposed rocks on the left. I had concerns with the water temperature being in the 60's that I might have some problems of shrinkage with my member, but those thoughts proved to be inconsequential. We slid into the water in the deep end and were immediately overcome with how extreme the temperature difference was. We clasped together freezing as I wanted her close and my erection stood stiff. I wanted in her and began massaging her labia and pulling gently at her clit. I couldn't tell if she was wet because we were in the water. I tried to thrust my cock in but she was tight and I had to rub my staff against her tight little shaved pussy for a while to try and work it into that ice cold little snatch. I grasped her tits which were perky and erect and fit well in my hand with beautiful dark brown nipples, which I proceeded to feast upon, bite and suckle. They were cold as well and the thought of cold nipples excited me and I thrusted harder plunging my cock deep into her cunt. I was unsure of my footing on the rocky bottom so I moved over paralell with the falls behind me at my back with her laying half out of the water on the smooth rock. The sound of the water lapping against her belly as I slammed her cunt hard with the water cascading noisily at my back, enveloped in a cool mist of water. Perfect fucking position. When she said it was too cold I pulled her down into the water as to make her colder so as we could continue with this ultimate fuck fest, a look of shock on her face, and then a pleased look of estasy. The water was exhilerating and made every sense tingle with delightment in addition to the libertine encuntage that took place. What was truly unbelieable was that the cold water caused me to be able to fuck fast and furiously with out coming and we pounded flesh for an hour. This experience at the waterfall was a first for both of us and we truly appreciate expressing your fantasies. The rest of our day was spent fucking in other locations but nothing to compete with the perfect waterfall location. The picture submitted is the actual location. Contact me for specific GPS cordinates and directions. I will disclose this site for a nominal gratuity.

I think that the lingerie store dressing room fantasy might be next on our to do list agenda. If you have any other fantasy suggestions that are outrageous fun and on the edge. Ping me and I'll write of the experience..

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