Difference of Opinions.  

Venus107 50F
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7/18/2006 9:56 am
Difference of Opinions.

One of the things that I once truly enjoyed about a group that I am a member of is the way that we could all voice a difference of opinions, yet now it seems like when one person can knock down an entire part of the U.S. and when you try and tell a person that you think that the way they put something is just plain being a Dick- well then you have another that does not really know the full story behind it all (and I was once there myself-so I partially understand this) but yet- I still wonder when it became wrong to voice your opinions in a nice way instead of putting down an entire part of the country just because you yourself do not like them.
Now more than just myself found this a little offensive and so I really do not feel I was in the wrong to tell him that he was wrong in the way it was put.If he were in a different country and voiced half of what he has in this group he would have been dismembered a long time ago.
This country was founded so that we could have freedom to live the way we wanted- but due to prejudices in many forms- it is sad to even know that this shit still exists in todays world. The funny thing is One of these days it just may be a southerner that donated blood for just such a person as this one in order for his prejudice to live on. Isn't this Ironic????
I may just need a break for a little while from all of this- who knows? lol There are so many things that could be accomplished in the United States if only people could stand together instead of against each other, but then again that must be another story because even tough I do have an accent from the south- it does not mean I am not just as intelligent as someone from the North. So you guys keep posting and "Happy Hunting" to you all......

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