Where the fuck is everyone?  

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3/27/2005 1:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where the fuck is everyone?

What's it take to meet someone around this place? I can't help but feel that of the umpteen-zillion members on this site, 99.9% of them are figments of my imagination. Specters of people I'd like to meet, but who always leave me wondering if they really do exist.

So it seems as though, to meet someone (or even someone to simply get shit-faced with), you have to have the persistance of a door-to-door salesman. And when you do meet someone, first ask them what their deal is, because you know, you KNOW, that everyone is fucked up in someway. Get it out of the way within the first five minutes, it may even be a great conversation piece.

So now your thinking "What's HIS 'deal'?" To make a long story short, I was in a long relationship, and came to realize that I loved her, but I wasn't passionately, head-over-heels in love with her. What brought on this profound realization, you may be asking at this point. Well, what makes one wake up one day so... changed? Simply put, another person. Suddenly, completely unexpectedly, you're thrust into a new world of passion more intense than you've ever experienced before. Wow, we clicked. We really fucking clicked. Starry-eyed, weak-kneed, heart-pounding, breath-catching chemistry. We both felt it. We both acknowledged it. Unfortunately for me, after casually dating (ok, so it was a bit more than "casual") this woman for three, amazing, months, she proceeds to accept a proposal from her boyfriend. Merry Christmas. Their wedding date, September 10th. 8 days before my birthday. Happy fucking Birthday. Guess what, I can make the story more enthralling... I work with her too. So every day I get to watch her make her wedding plans, look at dresses, and plunge the knife a little deeper into my heart.

Ok, so that story wasn't so short... my bad.

And once again, my bed is a lonely place to be... so I reiterate, where the fuck is everyone?

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