That's Right...I'm A BITCH!  

VanillaKisses243 44F
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5/9/2006 9:45 pm

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5/22/2006 7:47 am

That's Right...I'm A BITCH!

It really amuses me when a man calls me a bitch...I readily admit that I can be one. I have never denied it and more often than not, I tell men up front that I am one as a warning.

I can not stand a weak ass man and if you are one then chances are I will end up running over you. Now, don't misunderstand...I said I don't like weak men but that doesn't mean that I want a man that thinks he can run over me and tell me what to do. I don't want a man that is going to try and change me. I like who I am and if you can't handle it, don't want to handle it, or are afraid of it then find someone else. I have a very strong personality and I am very articulate. I am opinionated and I do not have a problem sharing my thoughts, even those that are unsolicited.

Unfortunately though, most men can't handle a woman that is able to express her wants and desires. They say they want a woman that is intelligient and able to speak for herself but when they get it they freak out. I do not need a man to tell me what to think or when to think it. I do not need a man to tell me what I want or what I am attracted to. And, this leads me to my next point...

Why is it when you tell a man that you aren't interested he feels a need to call you a fat ass bitch? Why is it that if you ask a man to see a picture of him on here he feels a need to call you are a pushy and demanding bitch? Why is it that if say you only like black men you are a nigger loving bitch? Why is it that if you speak your mind you are a rude ass bitch? Why is it if you say you want a real man for a real relationship you are a desperate and confused bitch?

Why is it when a woman knows who and what she is, what she's about, and what she will and will not settle for and isn't afraid to say it or ask for she is a bitch? Men...why can't you handle a woman that is comfortable enough with herself to not need a man but instead she simply wants one?

Honestly...I just don't get it.

How many wanna bet that I get called a stupid ass bitch for asking the question. At least one of you on here will be that insecure with yourself that you feel a need to insult me and my intelligience...but it is okay because I know without a doubt that I am a SMART ASS BITCH and truth be told...
I am damn proud of it!

So call me a bitch if you want...honestly I don't care. You aren't hurting me in any fact I find it amusing.

suunyside1979 38M  
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5/16/2006 1:50 am

thats some real shit you are talking about love right more stay sweet

MaggiesWishes 61F

5/22/2006 7:15 am

*Taking a quote from the movie Delores Claborn,
maybe not word 4 word*
"Sometimes... it's good to be a bitch."

There's a little bitch in all of us. But honesty scares the fuck out of most people, cause they would rather have their fantasies.

keep it real
warm wishes 2ya

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