I Need to Rant  

VanillaKisses243 44F
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4/14/2006 6:05 am

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4/20/2006 2:50 pm

I Need to Rant

I turned my profile off for a few days. I had decided that I had had enough of this site. I was tired of confused, hypocritical, lying men that say they want one thing, do another, and then come back and wonder why you get upset.

I think I am one of the most honest people on this site. I don't hide behind pretenses. I am honest about what I am looking for and what I expect from men. If asked a question I answer it as honestly as possible. I am very straight=-forward in my profile and in my blogs. Unfortunately, I have met some real knuckleheads. I don't get it. I don't see the need to tell me what you think I want to hear. If you only wanna fuck me, say you only wanna fuck me. You will probably get the chance but I can guarantee that if you lie to me about anything then your chances are shot all to hell.

I just want the same amount of respect and honesty that I give. Is that too damn much to ask of men? I am beginning to think that the men on here have no scruples or intelligience. I am beginning to think that if you are a male on this site then the only head you are able to think with is the head of your dick. It is a sad realization but one that I have come to regarding most of the men here.

I get contacted by four types of men on here. The first are the white/hispanic men. No where in my profile does it say that I am interested in white or hispanic men. In fact it says rather bluntly the exact opposite. I will have to give credit to some of these guys though...there are a few that very geniunely state they are just admiring the beauty and know that they are not what I want. For the others that continuously send the same emails saying I am "black where it counts." You have to be joking...for me it is not all about the size. Are these men really that stupid that they don't understand it is a preference, or are they to read the profile, or is it that they are just too selfish to be able to respect what I want. Whatever the case is...damn I wish they would shut the hell up. The few white/hispanic men that come real and respect my wishes...y'all are welcome any day to say hello.

The second type of men that contact me are the ones that lie like dogs. They are usually somewhat local or at least regional. I don't know if these men think that they won't get laid unless they tell me what they think I want to hear or if they are that weak in their game that they have to lie to cover themselves. I recently met a man that said he wanted to start dating someone b/c he was getting out of the military and wanted to try to start settling down. We spent a couple of evenings together chillin, not doing a whole lot. Then one night he stayed...we fucked. The sex was decent, nothing to write home about but it was okay. Then all of a sudden no phone calls, emails are unanswered, the whole bit. I don't hear from him for a a little while and then he emails me telling me how sorry he was b/c he lied to me. He said he didn't think I would fuck him otherwise. To top it all off, he asked if we could do it again. What an idiot!

The third type of men are the ones that say they want something serious and you can tell they are real about it. They send emails all the time. They make the phone calls. They put in the effort even on my bitchy days. The bad thing about these men is that they are too far away. There is one in particular that I simply adore but he lives in New Jersey and I live in South Texas. We aren't exactly close to eachother. This guy though is one of my most favorite people b/c he is just him...there are good days, bad days, really shitty days but he is always him and doesn't try to sugar coat anything.

The final type of men are the very few that say straight up...I JUST WANT TO FUCK. These men are so few and far between. They are the ones that I respect the most b/c they are real with it. There is no pretense in I ONLY WANT TO FUCK YOU.

I decided to turn my profile back on for personal reasons. My opinion about all this shit and the men here hasn't really changed but it is irrelevent right now. I have an agenda and I am not going to let some idiots that are confused, hypocritical, and unable to tell the truth slow down my process. The only thing now that I can say is something stated in my profile...I can't reiterate it enough:


marcusgerald 44M

4/14/2006 9:30 am

My goodness. I'm happy I wasn't in the way of that machine gun. The few women I talk to on here tell me that there is a lot of men on this site compared to a handfull of women. I hate to hear about stuff like this because the more you try the worst it gets. I haven't talked to you in a long time. I know you be loaded with emails from everywhere so I don't bother you. Well sometimes ya can't force a good thing to happen.

rm_biggurl4me 47M

4/15/2006 5:46 pm

WOW! i can't imagine any man that had a chance to be with you and only wanted you for a brief second, i'm sorry about the assholes you had to deal with. however you must realize that you are as as sexy as hell and many will be attracted to you some for good reasons and some for bad. no matter what a person does or says, respect should be the key makes me mad cause i'd luv to met someone like you and that is just what my profile says and it is what i want for life and i don't care where she is located, i don't mind putting in some work for a goodthing and most blessing don't just falling in our lap i dated a girl once who lived 14hours away from me, if i didn't drive i worked OT to be able to fly there at least 2 or three times a month, she went back to her X-though, i'd love to write you more but i know your a standard member at the time and know u can only respond to 1 or 2 a day. baby you will never get respect from a disrespectful person, if is so hard to believe that someone would take you lightly i couldn't afford that kind of lose take!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN

DrkKnight29 45M
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4/20/2006 12:13 pm

I won't lie; the only reason I'm reading this blog is because I love those breasts! There was some curiosity about what you might be ranting about; much to my surprise, the topic of the ranting is exactly what I suspected. Why are there so many dissatisfied people on AdultFriendFinder??? Men who hate all the spam received from bogus accounts and women disrespected? That's a rhetorical question I suppose. At any rate, let me wish you better fortune with all your future contacts and/or prospects here.

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