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5/25/2006 8:14 am

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I am feeling a litte giddy, somewhat silly, and just down right playful today. I know that comes as a shock to most of you b/c it seems like I am in a bad mood quite a bit. Unfortunately all y'all see is the blogs and I have to admit that I do use them to bitch alot. So today I thought I would do something else and give y'all a little more insight into me...I thought I would allow you to see a different side of me. I am going to include a list of favorites and maybe even some eeewww that's gross things.


number...13 and 6

domesticated animal...dog

wild animal...monkey and elephants

drink...water and dr. pepper

food...shrimp any way but boiled and pasta


icecream...cherry garcia (ben and jerry's)

cake...german chocolate

cookie...just give me the dough

car...don't have a favorite

movie of all time...children of a lesser god (come on I teach sign language)

song...don't know probably a gospel song called God of Another Chance by Chester D.T. Baldwin b/c of the meaning behind it

type of music...r&b

book...besides the Bible, The Color of Water an autobiography

author...grisham, patterson, and others like these

historical person...Jesus Christ

kind of shoe...flip flops--I wear them all the time

tv show...ER and Grey's Anatomy is pretty cool

If you want to know favorite I didn't include in the list just ask me and I will tell you. Hopefully you will ask because I can't think of anything else right now...also I hope you include some of your favorites.

by the way...thanks louis...you are a sweetheart!!

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6/5/2006 1:52 pm

I rather this post because the format is better. The latest one you post is everywhere...I got lost. So I guess it's just you and I again so here goes.

Color: Red and Black
Number: 9 and 32
Animal: Fish, Cats and Dogs
Wild Animal: Cow... just kidding. Wolverine
Drink: Fruit Juice and Water
Food: Fish, chicken and Beef
Dessert: Pie of any kind
Ice Cream: Haagen Dazs strawberry or caramel dulce
Cake: Strawberry Shortcake
Cookie: Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin
Car: Any kind I can stretch my legs in.
Truck: Chevy
Movie: Empire Stikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark
Song: Any Otis Redding song
Type of Music: Metal, Old 30's blues and Classic Soul
Book: Theology of Time by Elijah Muhammad
Author: Depends on subject matter
Historical Person: Marcus Garvey
Shoe: Basketball shoes
TV Show: 24, Smallville, House and Japanese Anime
Sport: Hockey and Football

I guess that's good for now. I hope this helps.

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