Part 2: Popsicle  

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5/23/2006 10:16 pm

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Part 2: Popsicle

“That I do.” I said. “Go lay down on the bed. I’ll be in in a second.”

“Don’t take too long,” she said and turned to leave. I watched her body as she walked away, admiring the way her high heels made her hips sway. Drawing all my focus to her tanned, thong framed ass. Beautiful. I turned to the fridge. Opening the freezer, I found what I was looking for. Good, we still had some. Closing the fridge, I began to undress, taking off my suit coat and unbuttoning my shirt as I made my way into the bedroom.

As I stepped through the bedroom door, dropping my shirt to the floor and beginning work on my belt buckle, I noticed that she had layed down on the bed, on her back, her feet facing the head of the bed and her head hanging over the foot. Her breasts were pushed together by her arms crossed below them and her hard nipples pointed at the ceiling. I stood for a moment admiring the view. She looked at me and grinned, squeezing her breasts and creating a beautiful cleavage for my cock to slip into. “I want to suck your balls while you fuck my tits. Is that okay? You can still cum on my nipples.”

“You’re damn right I’m going to cum on your nipples, after what you put me through on the way home.” I said. “But I’ve got something else in mind first.” I dropped my pants and pulled down my boxers, stripping off my shoes and socks with them. My half erect penis bobbed and dripped as I made my way to the dresser. I pulled out four of my ties and then made my way back to the bed. She sat up and stared at me questioningly. “Lay down on your back and spread your arms and legs.” She did as I asked. I moved to one side of her, she reached up to stroke my cock with one hand but I caught her before she could reach me and pulled her hand away from my cock. She frowned, but I persisted. I took her hand and wrapped the tie around her wrist, then tied it to one of the four posts of her bed. I crawled across her, letting my cock brush against her face, and tied the other. As I did, she moved her head up and her wet tongue snaked from between her lips and traced a warm trail across the middle of my balls. My cock twitch a little, and I paused to inhale a deep breath and moan it out as I savoured the feeling of her tongue on my heavy shaved balls.

Pulling away, I made my way down to the foot of the bed and positioned myself between her legs. Kissing her stomach, I took one side of her thong in each hand and began to slide them over her hips. As more of her mound and bush were exposed, I kissed my way down until I was nuzzling the small soft patch of fuzz above her shaved lips. I could smell her arousal, and her panties were damp with her juices. Dipping down, I made a long slow tongue stroke across her left labia, then her right. She moaned and arched her back towards me. I pulled away, and she tried to move closer but was restricted by her bound wrists.

“You mother fucker!” She called out, “Put your tongue in me! That felt so good.”

“You mean…” I lowered my face back to her glistening box and sucked on of her inner lips into my mouth, suckled it, then released it and licked my way up her pussy, careful to avoid both her hole and her clit, “that felt good?”

“Mmmm, yes.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back, still straining to get my mouth back onto her pussy.

I moved back up the bed and kissed her. My cockhead touched her pussy and she moved her hips to try and force me inside her. I pulled away, kissing her nose, then suckling each nipple as I moved down the bed and pulled her panties the rest of the way off. She murmured something under her breath as I pulled her panties off of her legs. I took one foot in my hand and sucked her big toe into my mouth as I pressed on her instep, sending a wave of pleasure through her. She always loved when I combined a foot rub with sex. It always made her cum hard. But that wasn’t my plan, not yet anyway. I tied each of her feet to a post, leaving her spread eagle and naked, every inch of her curvy tanned body exposed and a wet spot slowly collecting beneath her pussy. I smiled. Returning to the closet, I retrieved one more tie and made my way back to her.

“You fucker.” She said, “you’re getting your revenge for what I did in the car aren’t you?”

“Yes I am baby. But I promise you’ll enjoy it just as much as I do.” I kissed her on the
neck and behind her ear as I tied the scarf around her eyes, blindfolding her. She moaned her agreement and I made my way back to the kitchen. By this point my cock was completely hard again and I was extremely aroused. I reached the fridge and opened the freezer, grabbing what I had come for. I returned to the bedroom to find her just where I had left her. She heard me come in and asked what I was doing. I told her to be quiet and just enjoy the feeling. I made my way over to her again and kneeled between her legs, my cock hovering inches from her pussy. Taking the popsicles I had removed from the freezer, I opened one and sucked on it for a moment, to ensure that it wouldn’t stick to the sensitive skin I would soon be putting it on. Taking it from my mouth, I moved it up to her right breast and grazed the tip of her nipple with it. She shuddered immeadeatley from the sudden cold sensation on her nipple. It was hot that night, so the popsicle began to melt quickly, dripping cold liquid onto her nipple. Again she shivered.

“My nipples aren’t hard enough you have to get them harder with ice?” she said. I said nothing in response, but circled the tip of the popsicle around her nipple. She let out a small moan which increased in intensity as I wrapped my warm lips around her frozen nipple and began to lick. Her head rocked back and she arched her back to press her breast into my face. I sucked for a few more moments, until I was sure that her nipple was warm again, then pulled away and repeated the process with her other nipple. “That feels good baby” she said breathily.

Kissing my way down her body, I came to her pussy. I took the popsicle and ran it over her lips, careful not to touch her clit. She tried to squirm away, making a mild protest, but she couldn’t escape. I kept running it around her lips in circles until I was sure she was cold, then buried my face in her pussy, licking and sucking as she moaned and forced her crotch into my face. The first popsicle was nearly gone by this point, so I tossed it in the garbage can by the bed and took out the second. Breathing a warm breath on her clit, she moaned audibly “Oh baby, suck my clit. I want to cum.”

“Not yet baby.” I touched the tip of the popsicle to her clit, which despite her arousal was still shielded under its hood. Her clitoris was very small, a beautiful little bud of pleasure, hidden away in her silky pink folds. She took in a quick breath and began to protest but I pulled the popsicle away and replaced it with my mouth as I began to suckle her clit. She began to rhythmically grind her hips into my face as I continued to suck. She groaned and sighed, sounds I knew from experience meant she was getting closer to cumming.

“Put your cock in me, please. I want your cock,” She said. Instead, parting her lips with my fingers, I slowly slid the length of the popsicle inside her. She gasped, but ground down on it, bucking her hips, fucking the popsicle. I continued this way for a few moments, I could see the heat of her pussy was melting the popsicle quickly. I pulled the now almost non existent popsicle from her pussy and quickly replaced it with my seven thick inches. Burying myself to the hilt, I kept up the pace she had set with the popsicle and continued to fuck her.

She let out a small cry, “Oh god baby, you cock feels so thick and hot in my cold pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast!” The popsicle all but gone, I pushed it into her lips and she greedily sucked it down to the stick as I continued to fuck her for another fifteen minutes, my cock aching from the prolonged delay in orgasming from earlier that evening. Grinding her clit into my pubic bone, she came, biting hard on the now bare popsicle stick between her lips and grunting. She shuddered a few more times, then was still. I pulled my cock from her pussy and the popsicle stick from her mouth. I untied her arms and legs and undid her blindfold, then lay down next to her. We kissed for a while, her body pressed against mine, she wrapped in my arms.

After a few minutes, she rolled onto her back and pressed her breasts together in my face. “You didn’t cum did you? You still wanna fuck these?”

I kissed her deeply and whispered yes in her ear. Kneeling astride her chest I slipped my cock, slick with my precum, her juices and the melted popsicle, between her breasts and began to slide in and out. She flicked her tongue across the head on each upstroke and once in a while would suck the whole head into her mouth for a minute, running her tongue over the edge and pressing it into the hole. She kept her breasts pressed tightly around my cock and continued to please herself by pulling on her nipples. Her moans around my cockhead and the sight of my cock slickly slipping between her tanned breasts finally got me to my release. I pulled my cock free of her breasts and aimed the head at her right nipple, which she pulled up to meet my cock. I came. The first spurt was thick and heavy, coving almost her whole nipple in white cum which contrasted with her dark brown nipple. The second spurt I put on her other nipple, covering it aswell. The remainder of my cum I sprayed haphazardly across her breasts and on her neck. My load spent, I leaned over and took each of her nipples into my mouth, sucking my own cum from them. We kissed again, and she used her hands to rub the remainder of my cum into her breasts. She rolled into my arms and we fell asleep.

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great story! thanks.

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