Best sex of my life: Part 1  

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5/22/2006 11:34 pm
Best sex of my life: Part 1

Hello once again, devoted reader. Here for your sensual pleasure tonight I have the first part of what I intend to be the recounting of the most memorable nights in my sexual history.This first story I've broken it into 2 parts for convenience. Enjoy.

We’d been out that night. We went to see a play, Bard on the Beach. It’s a local Shakespeare festival they hold here in Vancouver every year. Shakespeare’s plays performed against a scenic wooded background overlooking the pacific ocean. We’d spent the day wandering around downtown and then taken in a performance of Antony and Cleopatra. We hung around for a while after ward and chatted with a few of the actors. I was curious about how they had gotten into Bard on the Beach, being the actor I was, and tried to get advice on how I could get in. It was a very enjoyable night. But it would shortly become a night to remember.

The other half of the “we” I referred to earlier was my then girlfriend. She was the first girl I’d ever slept with, and at the time of the events of this tale, we’d been dating for 3 years and living together for two. We were twenty. She was about 5’5” with dyed blond hair. She had deep brown eyes and full lips. Her body, was curvy and voluptuous, a 36DDD-29-36.

When we got back to the car, after the show, we chatted for a while. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight, so I leaned over and kissed her. She responded and we made out like teenagers, there in the abandoned parking lot. After a few minutes, we broke our embrace. “Let’s get back home. Quickly,” I said, running my hand up her smooth bronzed thigh, pushing her skirt up to her crotch and rubbing the front of her black thong. She reached over and ran her hand over the front of my pants, feeling my hard cock straining to be released. She unzipped my fly and reached inside, massaging my length and finally pulling my cock out through the hole. I moaned with pleasure as her hand stroked up and down my length, smearing the precum I was already leaking all over my shaft.

“If you can keep your cock this hard, without cumming, the whole way home, I’ll suck on the head while you fuck my tits. I’ll even let you cum on my nipples.” She said with a sly smirk on her lips, running her thumb in circles around the corona of my cockhead. I moaned and nodded my assent, leaning my head back. “I’m going to be keeping one eye on the road and one on your cock. If it slumps even a little, I’m not putting it in my mouth for a week.”

I groaned. “Well, then you at least have to give me something for inspiration.”

Pulling her hand from my cock, she reached up and slipped the straps of her little black dress off of her shoulders, pulling it down below her breasts. Then, reaching behind, she unclasped her bra and slipped it off, throwing it to the back seat. Her amazing breasts spilled out, jiggled for a moment, then were still. Her breasts sat there, her large dark brown nipples hard as glass and pointing straight ahead, her tanned tit-flesh round, soft and inviting. I reached out to touch her left breast and quickly she pulled away, covering her nipples.

“Oh no. No touching. Just look. See how hard you made my nipples baby. Just like your cock.” She licked her lips, and pulled on her nipples, teasing me mercilessly. I began to stroke my cock. “Be careful. Not too much. Just sit there and look at my titties all the way home and think about what you’ll get to do to them if you can keep it hard without cumming. Can you do it baby?” She said playfully.

I wasn’t honestly sure if I could. But I was damn certain I was going to try. She wasn’t the type to offer any oral pleasure on a regular basis. And she didn’t like cum anywhere but in her pussy 99% of the time. This was not an opportunity I was going to squander. She made the deal because she thought I couldn’t do it. I was going to call her bluff. “You just get ready for one hell of a cum bath, you nasty little cum slut.” I said, staring at her breasts and jerking my cock.

She grinned and started driving. I watched her breasts they whole way home, slowly stroking my cock. I watched as her hard dark brown nipples softened into a light brown. As they swayed with each turn. Jiggled at each stop. She would glance over at my cock from time to time, make a comment about how much she wanted my cum, how she was going to lick my balls and make me cum in her face. Goading me, trying to make me splooge right there in the car. At one stop light, she pulled her nipple up to her mouth and sucked on it, flicking it with her tongue and then pulled on it while moaning. I don’t doubt that some lucky fucker or two got a great show that night. Getting a look at my girlfriends big perfect tits. I was too turned on to care. It even turned me on a little to think that people could see her, but I was the only one who had ever fucked her. The only one who had ever gotten to blow my load on her sexy tits.

About half way home, she upped the ante by pulling a surprise move. Once again, stopped at a light, she looked at my cock and said, “Mmmm baby. My pussy is so wet. I love your fat cock. I want it in my pussy.” With that, she reached down and pulled her panties to one side, showing me her freshly shaved lips and trimmed triangle of a bush. Her thin pink lips shiny and wet. That nearly sent me over the edge. She never shaved her pussy. She had only done it once before, for my nineteenth birthday. Groaning, I restrained myself from rubbing faster. It’s a good thing it was late and traffic was minimal, or I never would have made it back to our place.

Finally, we arrived. She parked the car outside our building and looked over at me. I had sweat on my brow and my pants were damp with precum, my cock slick. But still rock hard. Harder perhaps. My head was purple and swollen and each an every vein was standing out. “I can’t believe you made it.” She said, pulling her dress back over her tits. “That deserves a little reward,” she said, leaning over and ever so gently running the tip of her tongue on the underside of my cockhead. I twitched, and clenched my pc muscle, desperately trying to keep from blowing on her face. I was so hard my cock was sore. And just skirting the edge. She finished her little lick and pulled away. By this point I knew she was really horny, she would normally never have licked my cock when it was covered in precum. But she was hot tonight, and wanted to tease me.

I zipped up my pants and we made our way inside. In the elevator, we kissed, and I cupped her round ass in my hands and slipped one hand under her dress to feel her warm flesh . She was moaning into my mouth when the doors opened and we made our way to our apartment. We got inside and she headed for the bedroom. I went to the kitchen to drink some water. A moment later she appeared before me again. This time, clothed only in her thong and the high heels she’d worn out to the play. She leaned against the door frame, stretching herself out like a pin up girl, her nipples hard again, one finger in her mouth. “You wanna fuck my titties, big boy?” She asked innocently.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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