What is it with my neighbor?  

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2/7/2006 1:36 pm

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What is it with my neighbor?

My neighbor, she is beautiful (of course,) 5'10" Black hair (love black hair,) brown eyes, Wears heels, (I love a woman in heels anyway,) I swear she has a bad attitude about men. She owns three dogs that will go crazy when someone comes to the front door. Well every time I went over to strike up a conversation, she would never put the dogs outside or would not get control of the dogs. They bark until the cows come or, until I left which I would after 2 minutes of dealing with that crap! So, I leave with no conversation and a bad attitude about the whole situation. If you don't want to talk, make up a lame fucking excuse! Don't set the dogs loose on me! What kind shit is that? I have not gone over there since that day and she can kiss mine! I'm sorry, I wish we could have had a drink together, that is all I wanted to do, and part ways if that is in the cards. But I guess that will never happen!
So, what are your thoughts? Stupid? Weird? Tell me.
Go ahead, tell me!


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