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4/9/2006 1:37 pm

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4/29/2006 3:17 pm

What I like...

I just rambling...yet again, and I read what others are writing and I think now it's my turn to show what I like:

I love to sleep during a thunderstorm at midnight. I feel like curling up in a comforter to get that warm and fuzzy feeling all over.

I like women in short pleated skirts (And what man wouldn't) especially on a hot summer day.

I like women to wear their hair loosely and let the wind blow it around, can be very sexy!

I also like black hair between shoulder or down to the shoulder blades, any further is too long.

I miss [blog kelli4u2dew] and her blog! I hope you can read this, Kelly!

I wish I had a fireplace to sit, warm myself in front of, get naked and enjoy a glass of Bailey's wrapped in a bear rug or something, maybe someone soft to get warm with. MMMMMMM! That's romantic!

I would like to own a cabin in Colorado and be snow bound with a woman. There maybe a blizzard raging outside, but there would be fireworks happening in front of the fireplace! MMMMMMM What a warm feeling I get! There I go again!!

I like women in heels, very feminine, and sexy. Coupled with long smooth legs and a short skirt and a shapely....AWW MY GAWD! I'm exploding in my pants!

I like what is that called "navel jewelry?" Piercing the navel (belly button) and hanging jewelry or, I don't know what to call it, other than a decoration.

I love to see bare nipples through a sheer blouse or bra, very beautiful.

I love Purry's bathroom pic. Very sexy to me, very feminine. (Is there a full nude pic in the works, Purry?)

I like to win, nobody remembers who came in second place. And I do lose gracefully, and remember always.

I like to be alone at times and then I would like to have a partner/lover.

I like to say nothing for hours at a time.

I like to know where I am going, I hate to get lost and who doesn't?

I like to talk with women, even if they appear to like me.

I would let a woman work on my car, some men have a problem with that.

I like to let my hair air dry and keep it short. No gel for this guy.

I like to do what I say, it's a character thing.

I don't know if I can handle a "Lara Kroft" type of woman. She is pretty sexy.

I like being a nice guy, but being nice has not gotten me laid.

I like blogging here, I get a real sense of community here. This is where I belong.

I like to drink alcoholic drinks, beer or wine only.

I like to see justice come to those that really deserve it! AHH The sweet taste of revenge, even if I had nothing to do with it.

I like morning sex, nothing like waking up with your mate stroking or licking, and even riding you. Or vice versa, miss it.

I like the scent of a woman, period.

I like to give foot messages to women, if want to know one way to a woman's heart, start at the bottom, not with the bottom.

I like good cup of cappuccino in Italy.

I like to work with my hands, no matter if I'm typing or yard work.

I like to drive a woman crazy with just a touch of her skin.

I like to drive a woman to several orgasms, that's my satisfaction I get. I don't have to reach orgasm to for me to be satisfied.

I like to play with a clitoris under the dinner table. Touching her ever so tenderly.

I would like to make it in a limo. Never done that.

I love sex in the shower, Guess everyone would. If you have'nt, what are you waiting for?

I like to give and get a hickey. AHH To give and receive, I miss this too.

I like to do whatever she would like to do. That includes doing nothing, then let's make out and swap spit all day. (Yeck,How crude!)LOL

Someday, before I get too old, I want to make it outside, in a summer rain storm.



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4/12/2006 4:50 pm

As soon as I weight 110 there will be

Purry {=}


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