Show some class!  

VanMan1962 56M
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4/30/2006 6:50 pm

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5/7/2006 6:39 am

Show some class!

You know it's great that we have simple means to express the way we feel by using symbols called "Smilies." And the "premimies," like myself, get the privilege using some of the more socially advanced selection.

Such as:

If you want to say that someone's blog is full of ~^~, well you don't have to type it, just show 'em right?

And when you studs want to see more *Y*, you don't have to type that either.

OH, here is a good one: ;!; now, that's my personal favorite (not).

And here is where really show just how much class we really posses: happym; & happyf; to demonstrate that evening you will share together.

How about it! Anybody want to make me ...\8 ?

Or show your (Y) ?

OH YA! Now that's class

OHHHHH Behave! Yea baby! ?*


PineyFolks 60M/60F

4/30/2006 8:53 pm

LOL...funny read. Thanks


VanMan1962 replies on 5/1/2006 4:00 pm:
Thanks for stopping by.... VanMan

saddletrampsk 55F

4/30/2006 9:06 pm

I love smilies..they rock..

VanMan1962 replies on 5/1/2006 3:59 pm:
They sure can make things interesting, can't they? -VanMan

caressmewell 54F

5/1/2006 8:15 pm

It's almost like sign language.

VanMan1962 replies on 5/2/2006 3:48 pm:
I look at it as a new art-form. LOL -VanMan

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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5/3/2006 3:17 am

yes on both the sign language and the art form, which becomes more interesting when you realize most members (standards) don't have a clue as to what premium members are seeing....


VanMan1962 replies on 5/3/2006 5:18 pm:
Oh Goddess, must you be so literal? LOL Thanks, VanMan

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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5/3/2006 5:53 pm

First, I want to *? ya!

Second, big

Purry {=}


VanMan1962 replies on 5/4/2006 4:08 pm:
AHH Purry, a woman after my own heart. XOXO VanMan

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