I Believe  

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2/7/2006 1:08 pm

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I Believe

You know I just wrote a comment to another blogger saying "Keep the faith, there is someone out there for you!" And I honestly believe that. I believe that there is someone out there and they are just lonely as we are. I mean lets face it, we do not like to go sleep alone in a big cold bed, and I believe that there are some ladies that do not want to wake up with your pillows between your legs. There is nobody to wash your back in the shower, and there is still nobody at the breakfast table when you go to the kitchen.
Unless you are a hard-core twenty-something individual just out of college taking on the world! You are lonely.
Disagree, be pissed but let's face it, does your buddy fill that gap for longer than a few hours, three time a week, she/he goes about their married life and leaves you there in the dark. You're saying "Gawd! Where is he going with this? Must stooped to a low there!" OK I'm done preaching, should I change my name to The Preacher?
Anyway I started this with "I Believe" so, I believe I will close this and go have a beer!


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