Guys and Gals, do you enjoy.....  

VanMan1962 56M
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3/18/2006 3:52 pm

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4/5/2006 7:29 pm

Guys and Gals, do you enjoy.....

Now this may sound like something out of High School but, I always enjoyed giving and receiving hickeys! Remember when your partner would bite your neck? And then you spend the following day trying to hide it from everyone. Remember how embarrassed you got when your best friend busted you? So here's my question:

Do you still enjoy giving or receiving a Hickey?
Yes, I'm a freakin' vampire! I'll do it anyplace at anytime!
Yes, occasionally I will.
No, my partner gives a right hook if I try!
Nope, that's diguisting I'll catch AIDS

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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3/21/2006 5:45 pm

I like them on my ass~

Purry {=}


caressmewell 55F

3/21/2006 10:11 pm

I don't care for them

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