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Vampaerus 42M
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8/22/2006 3:22 am

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keyword game

got this idea from GOTD:
your keywordz or mine Cowboy_Deluxe

so here goes, GOTD you've been keyworded:

head(20) blogs(17) love(15) lips(15) tongue(12)
pain(12) dark(10) black(10) group(10) touching(10)
kisses(8 ) bottom(8 ) touched(7) background(7) music(7)
candles(7) phone(6) giving(6) weekend(6) chest(6)

Such a DARK, dirty alley to find such a beautiful creature. The BACKGROUND was filled with the usual accoutrements of such an unsavory place. A GROUP of hobo's huddle around a burning barrel near the entrance. A scruffy ol alleycat scrambles his four-legged self over a toppled trash can. While this two-legged scruffy ol alleycat just leans against the wall, becoming one with the BLACK shadows. And watching her.

She absent-mindly fumbles with her keys while darting down the alleyway. Her HEAD swims with the 57 zillion BLOGS to be read and written. The small parcel she is carrying under one arm breaks loose, crashing to the ground. Among the toppled contents are an assorment of collored taper CANDLES. Well, that explains it, I always have had a soft spot for the witchy ones. Or should I say hard spot?

Without thinking she bends to scoops up her scattered items. Bends at the waist mind you, not with her legs, tsk tsk tsk. And so I'm now standing here, staring at her perfect BOTTOM gloriously cast in moonlight. It's more than a red-blooded earth-male can take, I tell ya! I think I'm in LOVE. My TONGUE is wagging in anticipation as I stealthily approach, from behind, butt of course.

Without a sound, I sneak up on her with ease. Grabbing both her shoulders firmly in my massive hands I spin her round, and pressing my CHEST into hers, back her against the wall. With a single finger TOUCHING her LIPS, she obeys without a sound. Well, without any vocalizations anyway. Tho the audible adrenaline infused breathing is MUSIC to my ears.

Not convinced I can remove my finger yet, I gentle kiss her cheek. A short blink of confussion but the doe-eyed stare remains fixed. I softly kiss her jaw line, and then her chin, and then a couple down her neck. Ravenous, I cannot help myself but to taste every inch of this exquisite Venus. My KISSES continue down her neck and start on her heaving bossum. Her mouth quivers as my finger leaves and begins tracing the same path. Opening her blouse I reveal more of her soft flesh to feast upon. A smell I have not savored in far to long is an unexpected treat. Her body speaks up, complaining of how long it's been since she has been TOUCHED so hungrily. The animal within me encourage by the pheromones, my hands and mouth explore more vigorously. Arching my back I bring our hips close, and placing my knees between hers I start to pry.

Suddenly, I am aware of a rather distracting PAIN in my left thigh?!? Not sharp like a knife, nor rough like a fistful of keys. And certainly not heavy enough to be a gun or the like. Tho the little heads says there's still too much clothing yet, the big head won't give up on this annoyance. Self preservation comes first, or the little guy won't be getting any anyway.

Dutifully I glance down to investigate what is jabbing me. She has been clutching a cell PHONE the entire time. Tho she's made no attempt to use it, nor strike me with it. My eyes return to hers. Indeed the doe is no more, it is a very peculiar look she is GIVING me indeed. The look is still one of fear, but a very differrent fear. She's afraid I'm about to stop!

This could be the beginning of a very beautiful be continued.

Vampaerus 42M
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8/22/2006 3:30 am

I would like to point out, that I was going for a staged back-alley fantacy role play thing here. But my written skills are not sufficient to get across familiarity between the two characters. Ah well. But please don't flame me for glorifying , that was never my intention. OK end of disclaimer.

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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8/23/2006 3:08 pm

~ smilez ~ thanx

whenz the next instalment?

doublethefunMF28 40M/37F
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10/25/2006 11:36 pm

Didn't sound at all like you were glorifying ! But you sure can stir a gal up All I can say is WOW, mayhap you need to write for Harliquin! lol

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