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Katsuchiyo Taro

Full Name: Katsuchiyo Taro
Nick Name: Ketchup
Played by: 34andahalf4u 34andahalf4u
Race/Class: Samurai Warrior
Affiliation: See the World (GroupC)


The Master Sensei of this young Samurai apprentice died before his training was complete. No other sensei will instruct one that did not begin with them. And no Lord has use of an 80% samurai. His father died when he was a child and he bears full honor to himself. Thus, he was freed by the dojo and given way to be his own master. The world is to be his tutor.

Strength: 50
Dexterity: 65
Melee: 99 (109)
Ranged: 1
Magic: 25

Health: 100
Mana: 0

Katana Mastery: +10 melee when using a katana

Samurai "Florentine": weild two weapons at once. One weapon always defends while the other is on attack. Enemy melee -10 when using two weapons.

Spinning Attack: the inertia from the spin puts more energy into the blade, tho you expose your back while doing so. +5 Dmg, enemy melee +15.

*skills in training*
Wakisashi Mastery: ?
Tanto Mastery: ?
Leap Attack: ?

Samurai Sword Set: katana (D12), wakisashi (D10), and tanto (D6), the integral tools of a samurai.

Splint Armour: Damage reduced by 5.

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