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4/14/2005 6:00 pm

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VA CPL Seductive Manipulative BLOG

Well. It is thursday- I hate thursdays. She hates thursdays. We have rented some movies, and before we got to watch them, she decided to drain my dick of 2 ounces of hot, thick, creamy cum.

not that I am complaining, but holy shit, my toes curled.

She then wanted to eat. I said, "But I just fed you", with an innocent boyscout look on my face.

She didnt seem so amused. I decided to bend her over, and ram her a few times. who would have thought our neighbors voyeurs?

pt 2.

She saw me sitting at this very computer. watching adult entertainment.
i slowly slid down my pj's, then my boxer-briefs.
I then began jerking and slowly stroking my dick. she could not help but watch. I began stroker slowly harder, deeper. In only seconds, clear, soft, salty preCum reached the tip of my rod. the beautiful mushroom tip as she calls it.
she looked, licked her lips and sucked it off. continuing until i exhaled.

she began sucking deeply, welling up the Cum inside my balls. she slowed down, then began moaning and licking my sack, tasty and warm, she heated it up with her durtee, bad lit'l mouth.

she sucked, and drank as precum after precum shot rose. she jammed my COCK in her mouth. her ass licking, cum loving mouth. she grabbed and massaged my ass coaxing and priming my dick to spray inside her. she milked me, over and over, with her soft, firm, 21 year old mouth. every other minute tonguing my shaft with warmth and juices.she made me WANT to cum in her mouth.

bobbing back and fourth, up and down, twisting and engaging her tongue and throat, sucking, churning my balls into heated banks of spermatious liquid. i came, she swallowed my love cream; and then she swallowed my beautiful Black Cock. i could not move nore would i, just sitting in this very chair.

she finally sucked, and continued for 20 minutes later, draining every God damned drop of cum from me, and then waited a minute......

she now sat on a stool, 3 feet high, round, and hard. her ass plumped up, so much so, i had to smack it, and rub it, and smack it in that manly manner as to let her know it belongs to me. I slid my finger down her ass and back up. she began sucking my dick deeply and wholy, enough to force my head back and my eyes into the back of my head. she swirled her tongue and excited my cock into another world. she ignited my cum bank again- this time deeper- flavorful as she put it. massaging my balls and sucking up more precum- i leaned forward. i wanted to jam my dick even further- further than it had ever been. I let her own it, licking, and jerking, sucking and moaning....until she began having this thirsty look on her face. Wildly sucking my cock- she knew where to concentrate- as if i were something, and not her man, she sucked and primed right below my head, which wells up so much creme. she went back down- and then slowly up- spewing cum all in her dirty, nasty toes curled and cracked- my thighs tensed up- and i moaned that manly roar...she concentrated again- only to milk me and leave him softer- gentler...more will cum she said-it will definitely cum.

the end.

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