Human Rights in Intimate Relationships  

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6/21/2006 2:45 am

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7/30/2006 9:39 pm

Human Rights in Intimate Relationships

The right to share equally with your partner all decisions and responsibilities related to your relationship, children, home and finances.

The right to share equally with your mate in all financial decisions.

The right to grow and explore your potential without feeling guilty, selfish or afraid.

The right to have friendships with both women and men outside your relationship as long as you do not violate the privacy of your relationship with your partner.

The right to express your opinions and have them given the same respect and consideration as those of your mate.

The right to have your emotional, physical and intellectual needs be as important as the needs of your mate.

The right to expect your mate to give at least 50% to resolve difficulties in your relationship.

The right to hold your mate responsible for his or her behaviour rather than assuming that responsibility yourself.

The right to seek professional help with your relationship.

The right NEVER to be physically attacked or psychologically degraded by your mate and the right to terminate the relationship if either occurs.

The right to expect significant behavioural changes rather than apologies and promises from your partner if a single abusive incident occurs.

The right not to blame yourself if the relationship in which you have invested so much love and effort ends.

ilsgicemru 73M
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6/21/2006 5:20 am

...................... Velvet

Thanks for stopping by my blog !! .. This post and the one before it are very good .. Thankyou !!

...................... Ils

florallei 100F

6/21/2006 10:04 am

Hello Velvet,

How often does it happen that when a couple falls in love, they love that person as long they can put him or her within a frame...we know this never must allow each to express who they really are without belittling. This type of a relationship is much too rare but I am very fortunate to have it...
It is good to be always mindful and be reminded. TY


jamesbond0071965 52M
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6/22/2006 12:02 am

i have always felt that there should be a charter of rights for relationships, and this would be a excellent example.

maybe we should get our politician's to make one up.

thanks velvetgirl

concupiscentKid 41M

6/23/2006 8:17 am

An excellent, much-needed bill of rights.
Good post!

redmustang91 58M  
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6/23/2006 1:45 pm

Great statement of rights. If we all abided by all these rights there would not be so many divorces and then think of all those poor unemployed divorce lawyers and family law courts...(just kidding!) Easier to say respect for rights than for those who abuse them to not do so...
Still nice to have ideals and idealism...


6/23/2006 9:36 pm

Thanks all for checking out my blog!!!!

I figured Human Rights were just basic common sense for all of us but... I'm guessing not quite so. If only we all abided by these basic rights in all aspects of our lives with everyone, perhaps the world would be a happier place. I know it may be a little idealistic but a girl can sure stay positive and keep trying. I do wish more of us would figure out that if we treat others with kind, we might just get more out of life.


amoldenough 71F
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6/25/2006 7:47 pm

OMG James--would you REALLy want our politicians to make up a relationship bill of rights for us? It boggles the mind!

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

amoldenough 71F
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6/25/2006 7:48 pm

I like your bill of rights, Velvet

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."


6/26/2006 1:11 am

Hi James...hope you mean a charter of rights for how politicians act in government, and not how we should conduct ourselves in relationships.

I believe that it is our responsibility to follow the basic human rights with everyone, because the last thing we need is politicians dictating how we should conduct our lives.

I think it needs to be taught in grade school because it is as important as any academic subject that is taught. We need to focus on self esteem, and self respect we need to believe we are worthy human beings, and will not stand for any type of abusive behaviour.

It starts with us, and how we conduct our life with intent and purpose. Surround ourselves with positive healthy individuals, and the dominoes effect begins and continues. Live by example, and do not tolerate anything less, as it will eventually change the cycle of abuse.


jamesbond0071965 52M
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6/26/2006 5:02 pm

i meant that it should be something that everybody should live by, and if they don't there should be a law against it. to many people are getting hurt by abusive people, and nobody seems to be able to stop it. it seems that basic human rights don't apply here when it should.

that's why i think velvets bill of rights should be put in the charter of rights. i think you are right amoldenough, we can't have the politicians make up something like this, they would screw it up somehow.i think we should tell them do something about this now, not later. we need to stop the cycle of abuse now!



6/30/2006 12:18 am

Alamo1235...Thank you kindly...glad to see others share the same views on living a happy, positive lifestyle.



6/30/2006 12:42 am

James...yes there should be some sort of punishment for abusive individuals but that could be pretty tricky. If there was a law on human rights in relationships, how would you prove that the abuse is going on?

Regardless...I still believe the best solution is to get out. Like I said earlier, it starts with us and what each of us as individuals can do to change this.

With knowledge and self esteem, we can get further ahead then waiting for some law that every one will disobey anyway. I know it is frustrating and one can feel helpless at times, but we all can contribute to the health of our relationships, if we make the decision to do so.

I think it is the only logical take responsibility for our own actions, stand up to abuse, and refuse to be abused.


rm_ArchyNorth 45M

7/20/2006 8:45 pm

I have to agree that it is up to the individual to take chance and leave. It may sound easier than it actualy is but it can be done.

In regards to political involvement in the bedrooms of the nation, they have always been there and they hardly ever turn out for the best. Things that do not conform to the social "norm" are always controled, or at least an an attempt at control is made.

Think about homosexuality, monogamy/polygamy, erotica/pornography, BDSM, and other aspects of societies sexuality. They all have at one point in time been "controled", not for the better, by governments. A portion of society is marginalized and people suffer.

Anyway, sorry for taking this train a little of the tracks, but I am a firm believer that Politicians need to stay out of the bedroom, unless it is consenting adults of course.

Awesome discussions



7/24/2006 1:22 am

Thank you for your comments and stopping by Archynorth. Good points made, and I agree with you. Discussions on topics like these ones are important and necessary.

Thanks again,

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