That Pinnacle point of SEX!!  

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1/18/2006 8:40 pm

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That Pinnacle point of SEX!!

My first blog so i will just say hello to u all. Im new and im still learning what you can and cant do without paying the dough for better services. Which on that note i have noticed it's a little difficult to contact people. So if anyone does wanna get a message to me, write here (wudbnice) or in terms of email i wont say anything becouse i already tried doing it cryptically and it's edited out. Shame.

Any way as for this blog be a sport and dont let any inhibitions get in the way of a nice fantasy. Im easy going and looking for a little stimulation is all, or a lot actually, hats up to u.X. Hopefully this is a social environment where everyone is happy to take the gloves off, and everything else! My Labido is off the scale most of the time and i honestly find nothing more arousing than when that is mirrored in a women's labido 2......

It wud b nice to muster a little interaction so im going to kik off with this.

What is the pinnacle point of sex 4 u?
Feel free to embellish it with detail cos I AM GOING 2!!!

Most people may think ORGASM!! but not me! Thats just the final bow before the curtain.The peak of sex for me is this...

I love to see a women in the utter throws of pleasure from my body.The peak for me is when i have her face in the pillow, eyes closed and smiling with her ass turned up high in the air. Im giving her the benefit of every inch i got. Pumping her pussy in that delicious abandon where there is no requirement to hold back cummin. As a result for her the reigns have really come off and her pussy melts around my cock like butter on a hot knife. That distinct heart beat inducing aroma of her juice fills your nostrils While her pussy turns into the warmest, wettest, sloppiest blow job you've ever had.
It's in that moment you know, her and her pussy are complete slaves to your cock, and that each and every one of its demands are sources of extacsy 4 her .........mmmmmmm happy days!

That for me is without the doubt the pinnacle of a good hard sex session. X X X

and Yours? x

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