New Photo 4 U!  

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1/24/2006 9:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New Photo 4 U!

HHHmmm...Less than inspiring response that i have had from this site. If i started this out aroused, excited and generally blood pumping and sexually energized, i am now sitting here, hunched, unimpressed and quite honestly completely flacid...

If at first u dont succeed....... Then put a new photo up and see where it gets you. The First one went a little too far too fast anyway. Where's the room to play when you got a photo of your Hard on up as your profile shot. I got a little carried away there after looking at the blogs of emma peal. Im not so convinced now that character is'nt an invention of another male member.

Emma, feel free to correct me with a reply on this blog if you find that remark to be a slanderous untruth. Otherwise if u r the invention of a Bloke, then i hope u enjoyed the pic of my stiff cock!

On the subject of fakers tho, i thought i'd put a little note within shot verifying it's me. Thats laughable actually cos i AINT THAT HOT! to need to verify it haha. I was like DAMN IT! i need to work out. Couple years ago i was ripped, now im sucking in my paunch for this photo. Well anyway it tells you im on the level. From now on More intimate photos given on a request.

So To all you cute Girls, feel free to email me utter filth or sweet nothings. Im not sure mind that if you are a standard member just how u go about doing that other than replying here. Anyone know different feel free to inform me here.

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