Who should be in charge during sex?  

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1/7/2006 8:36 am

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Who should be in charge during sex?

Most people dream of having great sex, but when it actually comes to being in bed together, there are several areas of question. Sex doesn't just happen - at least GOOD sex doesn't. It needs to have foreplay, a lengthy sexual interaction and coming to fruition in a strong exhaustive climax. In order to reach these goals, there should be some organization in bed. Who should decide when foreplay is over? Who should initiate climax? It is well known that when a man climaxes, sex (at least for him) is over. A woman can have multiple orgasms vs a man have limited options in this area.

So who should be in charge? The Man of course - only if he realizes that sex is for pleasing the woman, and getting her to enjoy the sex to its fullest each time.

On the other hand, if the man is selfish and come quickly, it might be better to let the woman be in charge, so she can train her man to be a good lover by explaining to her what she needs and make sure he doesn't 'hog' sex and climax.

On the other hand - should there be organization in sex? Doesn't that take away the spontinaity of sex - I don't think so. Challenge anyone?

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