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5/5/2005 5:27 am

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Hot Fantasys Fulfilled

I used to call this telephone chatline i learned about where i could get real phone sex with real women and not operators so I could tal to an uninhibited girl who was as nasty as I was. Anyway, I lucked out and met a girl that didn't live to far from me. Her name was Kai. She said she was Black, but when she showed me her pic i found out she was Black and Japanese. We has some of the most mind blowing phone sex I've ever had. She was so into it. She let me hear how wet her pussy got and fingerpopped herself and tasted her fingers. I was so overwhelmed. She had a real shy submissive thing about herself that really turned me in. She said she was into it all like getting tied up and spanked, anal sex, oral sex, swallowing and women. I couldn't beleive I was lucky enough to bump into a girl like this. All my life I fantasized about being with a submissive woman that would let me do anyting to her. I made it my business to meet this girl.

Finally, about 2 months of strictly having a phone sex relationship I asked if we could meet. She said she woundered what took me so long. That made me feel good because I correctly assumed that she wanted to meet me just as bad as I wanted to see her.

Anyway, our first meeting was very platonic. We went to a local restaraunt and had lunch. But i got to see just how beautiful this delicate flower was. She has a beautiful complexion, nice long hair and pretty white teeth. Her skin was soft and clear and she smelled like roses. In my mind I was thinking how I would like to be inside her. Her ass was heart shaped and although she had a small frame her breasts were large but firm.

As the day went on she became more open and playful as if we knew each other for years.

That evening, after the meeting, she called me and told me she was very pleased with what she saw and i told her I felt the same way. Then she told me she had a confession. I told her to not feel bad and that I could handle what ever she told me. She said that she didn't want to get her feelings all caught up with me because she was in a lesbian relationship. She said although shes in that type of relationship, every now and then she misses felling a hard cock inside her so she creeps on her girl.

I told her that although I did think there was a possibility for a relationship I can accept just a sexual one. She said good, then said why don't I come over for some fun, that she wants that hard cock she been craving. I came over and we fucked all night. The Sheets got so sweaty. She was so tight that when i forced myself in her she yelped in pain but encouraged me to fuck her harder. She got me so turn on. We must have fucked 4 times till i could not fuck anymore.

Part 2 will be posted next time

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