Burning Desire.  

Ultimate_Sexpest 42M
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5/30/2006 3:46 am
Burning Desire.

All my nasal hair just burned away,
Cos I was sniffing amyl when I play,
And it helps you if you're feeling gay.

Sucking cock...
Trying hard indeed - not to mock,
The poor sod's penis tastes like a dirty sock,
Into my mouth his cum does flock.

To Gargle or spew,
What should I do...?

Getting hard...
Do I have to fuck this tub of lard?
From gay niteclubs I need to be barred,
From my urges I must truly guard.

Sown my seed...
From his clutches - I've been freed,
Now I know what I now need,
Run like fuck - I've done the deed.

The nights' still young,
I still want some...!


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