Water Baby  

UltimateSensuous 58F
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7/8/2006 12:36 am

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7/8/2006 8:19 am

Water Baby

The first man I dated after my divorce said that women get aroused by water. Do you think that is true? He lived on the water front of a local lake. We would ride for hours along the shores as we explored different rural areas. I don't remember him ever getting in the water though. He did have a boat and jet ski, but I don't think he ever got wet. We did take a shower together once. I remember his excitement because he had never done such a thing as a couple. He was good with his hands. Rubbing and touching my pussy until it was soaking wet.

Tennessee is such a beautiful area for fresh water, spring creeks, rivers and lakes. My heart and soul are connected to the land here. Lay me down in the sweet earth by the waters edge and listen to my ecstacy. I will show you what wonderful fluids feel like.

Warm, wet tongue kisses swapping the water of our bodies as we thirst for more and more. Juices seeping from my hot pussy as the heat rises in my body with the increasing passion. Is your mouth watering right now at the thought? Put your hand between my legs and feel nature at her best. Moist, inviting fluid gliding your hand to all the right places. Deeper still you will find the fountain of my orgasms. As the intensity increases so does the wetness of my hot lubricated pussy. Juices gush as I feel the wonderful release of each strong orgasm. One after another, like the waves of the ocean, they keep coming, washing over me and flooding out onto the bed as a puddle develops below my ass. The sighs of pleasure are replaced with screams of delight as the water in my body explodes in a stream of cum shooting out.

Who said women dry up with menopause? I am just now learning to let go and create more and more. Perhaps it is the kegal contractions of my vagina that create the sqeezing out of all that fluid. So far, no one seems to know where it all comes from.

One thing is for certain, I will be needing to replenish my body fluids. Oh, how I love water


WaterBabyRocks 60M

7/8/2006 2:46 am

How appropriate my name!
Welcome to the blogs.

electriccompany 54M

7/8/2006 12:17 pm

Stay hydrated!

niceguy380172006 34M

7/16/2006 8:44 am

I agree, TN does have some nice bodies of water, you should also explore AR in your spare time. You will find it equally if not more exceedingly stunning.

SirMounts 103M

8/19/2006 1:02 pm

Welcome to blogging, UltimateSensuous. *smiling*

rm_lickulonger 47M
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11/17/2010 12:23 pm

Writing is another talent you possess. Surely you have had more tantalizing experiences to share. Enjoyed reading your blog. Have a sensuous, wet day sexy! M

9 posts
11/17/2010 12:48 pm

Hello Beautiful Water Goddess,
I know the area you are speaking of have fished there alot and I agree with you totally the water is wonderful and it does invoke erotic and sensual thoughts and actions too. Would love to explore it with you too and to give you those squirting fountains of pleasures too. Sterling

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