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A bit about myself

For anyone who cant read profiles but read the blogs, here is a little about myself at the moment (May 2006) to give a bit of background to who on earth has written these inane warblings and ramblings

I'm Mike first of all, pleased to virtually meet ya!

I am 38, single and alone for the last 3 years following the end of a 16 year relationship until this february when my daughter (aged 14) decided she wanted to live with me rather than her mother. I also have a son (aged 17) who is at college and whom I see pretty much every day

My daughter moving in although a fantastic change, is a change nonetheless and means I am less free to get out and about, and has meant whereas I was away most weekends visiting friends around the country made on a more mainstream site I'm, for the moment at home a hell of a lot while we are both adjusting to the change. So feeling a bit of a vaccumous starvation of adult interaction I decided to dust off my profile on here and see what the place was all about

As for me as a person I am a bit of an apparently confusing mixed bag, people that classify everyone they meet by "pigeon holing" will just never get me at all, wont understand me and will be frustrated or annoyed at or with me because they will make assumptions about what my view on one topic will be based on my view on another using the comparison to others they know, I dont quite seem to fit the "norms" it seems, so only those that take the time to actually get to know me as an individual will ever "get" me in any real sense.

But I think I'm dead easy to understand lol

This I just accept as how it is, I stopped fretting about the people that missunderstand me a long time ago and save my energies for the ones that do.

I have an unusual, totally non PC, very dry, sarcastic, often silly sense of humour which can be a bit too much for many people, as such I just dont get on with people who arent at least just a bit mad. I believe that sarcasm is the HIGHEST form of wit, and is only classed as the lowest by those who have neither the intellect nor humour to either understand or see it, so they criticise it instead

Schitzophrenia,,,I might be lol, many have thought so, but I like to call it "contradictory" coz it sounds nicer.

I love debating and discussion, theres nothing better than drunkenly putting the world to rights and meandering the intricacies of the universe with good company. But I dont just like to know what someones view is, I like to know whats behind it, what formed it, how much it will stand scrutiny and question, how passionate a belief it is and a whole host of other things. And as I like to watch and understand people past the level they choose to show I can be a bit of a bull terrier in discussions.

I enjoy debate, see it as a verbal game of chess and have a tone and methodology recylcled from my time in big business management which grates on a lot of people and makes others only see the tone and not the words being said. This I just accept as I see it as a good vetting process and weeds out the kind of people I wouldnt get along with anyway

The shitzophrenic possibility comes from the fact that outside objective discussions I am laid back to the point of it nearing if not surpassing being a fault, sometimes I reckon if I was any more laid back and easy going I would be toe tagged lol

The last three years for me have been a voyage of self discovery and re-discovery. Readjusting to a singledom I didnt expect and didnt want, redefining who and what I am after spending so long with that defined by who I was and what I was to others, IE a father, partner, provider, taxi driver etc etc

Its been fraught with ups and downs, massive realisations both good and bad and huge changes in my perceptions of the world around me and myself as a person. This process is still in progress, and perhaps never ends till we die

Right now I am pretty much happy with my lot despite a few major hiccups still being faced but nothing that isnt resolveable

And thats me in a nutshell really, anything more anyone wants to know they can either mail me to ask, ask here or just assume it as seems the more modern way

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Thanks for sharing

Purry {=}


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