Some more thoughts to think of.....  

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7/24/2006 9:32 pm

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Some more thoughts to think of.....

Can you really tell if someone is the right one for you even if you have not met them in person? I have been giving some thoughts to love lately and new encounters. How do you know? I mean, how do you know. How do you honestly know? A woman came to me today while I was working at the shop and just kept staring and smiling at me. I had left my other job and started working full time as a mechanic since it's what I enjoy doing more. A mechanic went to assist her because I was with a customer but she waved him off and said she wanted to speaqk directly to me. Apparently I have gained a bit of value with Automobiles in this town and who people trust to work on them. She had a small knock in her motor and said it was really annoying to her as she drove down the road. I had her crank up the car to hear the knock right away. Yeah,she let the motor run out of water or something. It caused the pushrod to warp which is not uncommon when a motor gets hot. I checked all the hoses and found one had busted open and she was indeed losing all her coolant and water from the hose as she drove her Mercedes. I replaced the hose and she was quickly ready to leave with a small repair cost of only $45.00. I didn't charge her for the labor but for the lower water hose to her car. She came back at 5 when i got off work and closed the shop up. Waiting in a long white dress with long flowing black hair was a beautiful woman who wanted to bring a mechanic out to a few drinks. Unfortunately I am a man through to my heart and soul. Sure enough she came up to me and asked me if I had any plans for the night and I told her no but she wanted to bring me out for a couple of drinks and maybe more. Of all the things I have had happen to me in my life time,I've never had a woman try as hard as she did to get me to come out with her tonight. Loyalty is a must for me and even though I have not made any commitments to anyone in general,nor have I met her yet either,I still declined on the drinks and the luxery of the night due to my heart not feeling right about it. Was I wrong or what would you have done?

smoothnjuicy4u 51F

7/25/2006 8:47 pm

I hope you got her number when you are ready it will feel right.
Maybe its just to soon yet.


7/25/2006 9:31 pm

Maybe but I don't deal with married people and AI felt like if she was not married then I was just a rebound or the first thing she came across while she was in the mood.She hadn't had her band off to long before she came to the shop.I could see a still well lit tan line from where her band was.95 degree temperatures that would have been a little red if she had it off all day.Yes I wanted to be a

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