Early morning hours  

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Early morning hours

In the early morning hours a man paces back and forth from his computer to his cigarette as he roams the waves of the internet.Looking for new friends,more friends and possibly the right person to end his life with in a long lasting relationship.Always wondering if the one he is talking to is the right one and is she who she says she is.Meanwhile there is a woman on the other end of the computer completely new to him paceing the floor as well waiting for each response from the man on the other end asking the same questions,"Is he real and is he who he says he is?"It's like a daydream or a fantasy because they both know you can be anything you want on the internet or on the phone.Numbers are given out and calls are made.

A timid but shy "hello." comes from the other end.She was not prepared for such a deep voice nor was he prepared for such a meek and mild voice.The initial shock was over.They know knew they were Members of the opposite sex.They talk for hours trying to get to know each other and trying to break the icy barrier between them when she says,"Okay,I'm feeling generous tonight and I love the fact you a complete gentleman.Ask me anything you want and I will answer anything."

The ice has shattered.The gentleman takes his time and builds up to it slowly as he askes various questions from hair color to size.They talk for three hours and he finally asks her name,"Oh ,what an idiot!",he exclaims to himself.She laughs but pays no mind because she likes what she hears from him already and she loves listening to his Southern accent as he stammers about in the early hours of the morning trying not to think and trying to come up with another question to find more information.The time has come for them both to say good morning and go to bed.They both watched the sun drop behind the hills the night before and watched the sun reappear behind them looking over the horizon like it was scared to come out.

He sat and wondered for hours if she could be the right one.To many prior relationships,to many falls and way to many heartaches.He could not have yet another one already.His system could not handle it nor take the break down again.His head took control and spoke to his heart,"You keep out of it this time.We have listened to you and it resulted in nothing more then hearing you crack up and break constantly.Now is the time for us to think."The heart backed away as the cock looked up at the heart and the head,"The hell with you both.I'm not listening to the gears from up there,your way to rusty.Nor am I listening to the heart,it's still picking up pieces from the last time.You two are going to let me do the thinking because the eyes won't lie to me................

"This is the beginning of a new story that I am going to be writing.Please keep checking back to see how the story unfolds and I hope you enjoy it."

smoothnjuicy4u 51F

7/5/2006 9:43 am

are ya gonna finsih it hun?? its all good ill just check back later


7/6/2006 8:28 pm

..... no the eyes won't lie.The heart listens with deaf ears while the head keeps thinking with rusty gears.now is the year of the cock.It rises from it's slumber with a mighty roar.Peering around it's neck cracks as it tries to loosen it's tight muscles,"Ahhhh,I see the views of pleasure ahead.I must dig deeper to find the joys it's looking for." The heart screams aloud,"It's not right,do not proceed any further"The mind is confused because it's listened to them both before and neither were right."Hello.....Hello....."A soft echo in the distance can be heard but it's not a scream or anything lost.It's a muffled moan as the person has their head in the pillow.Sweat beading up on their back as they rock back and forth with an easy motion riding the pattern of the constant pushing and pulling.

Their insides throbbing from pure pleasure as their heart pounds from the joy.Their body shaking from the multitude of thier orgasms and the 15 they have already encountered.They begin to beg for a break as they multitude of orgasms has caused every possible body part to become sensitive however the cock can not stop.The tiny eye keeps looking for the end of the tunnel,barely reaching it each time,trying to touch it with each passing stride."Lemmie touch it......"the cock pleads.The heart keeps pulling it back while the mind is still undetermined.As the cock begins to reach further and shutter it sends a chill up the back of it's owner to the mind.The mind enjoys the sensation and pushes harder forgetting about the heart.The instinct of the animal has taken over and the cock has won this battle as it touches the back and spits with all it's joy.Slobbering down the sides with laughter and back to the end of the tunnel laughing the whole time while spitting on every inch of the walls giggling at the heart,"never mind love my friend.You pick up the pieces from the last and until you finish the mind and I will watch after you!"

There is more to come.Stay tuned.Sorry for any delays as I do work through the day as well.

BlueEyez4u2u 49F

7/15/2006 8:07 am

very interesting... I will check back to read more.

have a great day!

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