A yearly Physical to drive.  

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8/6/2006 11:25 am

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A yearly Physical to drive.

Okay.I went to the Doctors this past friday to get a yearly ICC Physical.Drivers have to have this physical done every year or two years depending on when their healthcard runs out or they can not drive for companies.

I was at my appointment and oringinally had a male doctor.When I got there they told me he was out for the day as he had a family emergency and the only ones left were women.I hesitantly agreed but I had to have this before monday so away I went to the waiting room to be called in.There I was dressed in my good tight black jeans,black silk bubtton up shirt with my cowboy boots and my hat.Yes I dresses nice because I didnt want to go to a doctors office with grease and holes all in my pants.Anyways....There I was getting my sight,hearing and heart and everything checked.Now this was one of those nurses right out of the movies in hollywood.She was a bombshell.Had to double think this because I've never had a nurse that looked that good and was that nice.I thought she might even had been placed there as a spy at one point....lol..j/k.But.Then she told me to drop my damn pants.She had to check for a hernia.GULP!Yeah that erection was on and needless to say I go commando anyways.She looked at me and smiled as she twisted my hand around,"What's wrong with you?Your not married.You have nothing to worry about."I quickly replied,"BULLSHIT!"She laughed and asked how long it's been and I told her "long enough."Well even after she talked me into dropping my pants she was still a bit shocked I do believe because she didnt grab anything,nor did she ask me to cough.I opened my eyes and she was still sitting in her damn seat staring at me,"Where are you from again?"I lifted a brow and looked at my boots and my hat and said in my calmest voice,"That would be Texas Ma''am."She smiled and replied that she had heard everything in Texas was bigger but she had no idea.I asked her to quickly grab a nut and ask me to cough so I could get the hell out of the office before it got very dangerous for us both.I was fighting pretty hard to try to get that fucker down and it just wasn't working.It was one of those times it got to see and now it had a mind of it's own.She tried giving me her number and everything.She said her boyfriend was a real prick and she was thinking of dumping him and wanted to know if I was seeing anyone.I quickly replied I was and she was in Oklahoma."Well now thats a good distance from here.She wouldnt know",she replied.I stopped and felt the relief as I now felt the head on the side of my leg.I turned and looked at her and smiled,"Your right ma'am.She wouldn't know if I was any other guy but I am not.I could not go through the day without telling her.Which is most likely why your boyfriend is such an asshole as you claim he is."I did an abouth face stance and walked right out the door with my now 2 year healthcard to drive now.Embarrassing yes but it just goes to show you,some women will never change and neither will some men.

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