The ride  

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7/5/2005 8:11 pm

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The ride

We'd only been riding a few miles when I turned left, and suddenly it was as if she knew what was up ahead... I gave the 'loud' grip a twist and she took off like a thoroughbred that had been begging for a ride... accelerating through the first gentle curves she whispered, "more"... I leaned into the curves with her and she purred... our rhythms merged... slowing for the next sharp turn, I blipped the throttle a few times - and she sputtered, turned to me and said, "don't tease me - either give it to me good, or GET OFF ME!"... so coming out of the turn I gave it to her - hard and all the way... she let out a howl of pleasure and we moved together through the curves - from one side to the other, as we climbed higher and higher... the sounds were music - a rock and roll song that finally - crested...

We relaxed going down the other side... she was hot and needed to cool down resting between my legs... her light burned brighter... and the rest of the day was pure joy...

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