First real webcam session success and toystore trip  

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2/6/2006 2:19 am

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First real webcam session success and toystore trip

So many times now we have attempted to do live webcam shows on here with no positive results. We kept having problems with only transmitting sound, but no picture. I have been extremely frustrated with it, and even considered contacting AdultFriendFinder and chewing them up pretty good. Marc looked into it more and discovered it was a conflict with our camera software and got it all fixed. YAY!!! Gotta love having a live-in technician.

So we did a show on Friday afternoon, and it was great. We had about 800 viewers, give or take a couple dozen. We had gobs of messages afterwards, from all over the world. We recieved responses from as far away as Japan, Italy and New Zealand, and even got a few in foreign languages I couldn't read lol. I was surprised that it got the response that it did. It is definately an encouragement to continue doing them, and hope that people will continue to enjoy watching.

I have started making phone contact with those people I have been able to get to know so far, and I am extremely pleased. Everyone I have talked to has been super nice, and I am very excited about meeting all of you. I am hoping soon to be able to do the cup of coffee thing or whatever very soon.

I am also planning on attending both meet and greets this month for local bisexuals. There is one for "Bi guys and the gals who love them" that is a new group. They are having their first meet on the 18th of this month. Marc will not be able to go, but I plan on attending without him this time. I will also be attending the meet for the ladies bi group on the 25th. Anyone interested in either of these groups should really check it out. They both seem to be great groups of people, and I am excited about meeting all of you. We plan on being very active in both groups.

Marc has finally broken out of his shell and submitted a post or two. I am so very proud of him for doing so. He is definately not the writer that I am. But of course, we all know that in any relationship it is usually the female that talks too much, right? Anyway, both of us intend to be very active in the groups.

We made a late night toystore run last week and got some very interesting new stuff. I think we kind of surprised the clerks a little, as it was a fairly large purchase lol. We bought four new porn videos, with enough variety of content to raise some eyebrows. We have watched two of the four so far, and both of them were pretty good. One of them was a gang bang movie that had females with numerous males, and it wasn't bad; with the exception of one scene. There was some girl that had the most bizarre mannerisms and facial expressions, and honestly we spent more time laughing at that scene than anything else. She also kept bursting into uncontrollable laughter that seemed to have no purpose at all. It was a riot. The other video we have watched was about Transsexuals. I have to admit this movie disturbed me a tiny bit. The content was fine, in fact it was very hot. What disturbed me about it was that most of these women looked better than I do lol. All I can say is they had it all going on! The others we have not watched yet, but I am hoping they will be as good as the other two were. One is about Asian nationalities, and the other is an all female orgy.

We also bought some new toys while we were there. We got the largest dildo I have ever seen in my life. I was surprised by how heavy it is. If I had another one, I could use them for weight training! It is about 12 inches long, and as big around as a soda can. We had talked about finding a really big dildo, because it is something I have always been curious about. I was not sure when we bought it whether I would be able to use it or not. It is a little intimidating, to say the least. I was able to use it quite well, but could not begin to take the entire thing. I did manage to get about 2/3 of it inside me, and loved it. Of course, afterward I felt totally worn out and had a little difficulty walking, but I have to admit I have never felt so thoroughly fucked in my life. It drove Marc pretty insane, and he said it turned him on to feel me all stretched out and well used like that. I am definately looking forward to us playing with it again sometime.

We also got this really interesting anal toy. I used it on Marc first, and was a little surprised at his reaction, until he returned the favor. Then I more than understood. It is thin and curved, and gets larger at the bottom; although it is fairly far down the toy that it actually increases in size too awful much. The thing that makes it different is that it has a vibrator in it, and unlike most toys the vibrator is in the tip as opposed to the base of the toy. I did not think too much about this at first. When I used it on Marc, his eyes got as big as plates. This amused me a little, although I was not really clear on what was so different about it, as opposed to some of our others. All he could do was say it was intense. So when I tried it, it was a huge shock. The vibrator in this thing is enough to rattle the fillings in your partner's teeth. I yelped when he turned it on and told him to turn it down, only to discover that it was on the lowest possible setting. If you are into anal stimulation to an extreme level, I would definately recommend this little gizmo. Marc says it does wonders on the prostate.

We bought a bondage harness that I am in love with. It hooks to the neck, the wrists, and has rings that slip over high heeled shoes, and basically I am hog-tied while wearing it. It was a huge turn on for me to wear it, and we put it on me during part of our webcam show on Friday. Apparently, everyone else likes it too. There are now photos of me wearing it in our network album.

The last item we got was a male masterbation sleeve. Marc had never used one, and had not expressed any interest in using one; but it caught my eye while we were browsing and I picked it out for him. I have played with one before with a different partner, and thought it was sexy. It can also add a lot of fun in dom/sub situations, so I convinced him we needed one. We got one of the simple gel kinds. I was feeling a little frisky that day, so I had him use it and the anal toy while I made him watch me using the dildo from hell. I think it would be fairly hard to say who was the most over-stimulated. He seemed to enjoy it, though, which pleased me a lot.

Afterwards, we both went to bed to take a nap and slept the entire rest of the day, so we must have done something right. I would have to say it was definately a very sucessful shopping trip.

rm_xtreem247 56M

2/9/2006 3:08 pm

Great reading Stacy...and I thought I was alone on these kinds of things. I love the web cam idea. I have done the same with mine and continue to. I have GOT to show you some of the toys I have. I think you'd be very interested! It would be great to share some of the experience we've had with them. Might give each of us some new and different ideas.
Thanks so much for sharing, you guys are awesome!

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