dogs and cats do it  

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6/15/2006 5:17 pm

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dogs and cats do it

The physical union of man and woman engaging in our most animalistic rituals of sex doesn’t require much thought. I have a need she has a need and thus we’re at it. When it’s over we uncouple and go about our business. And this is the foundation of Adult Friend Finders two needs become fulfilled. It has worked centuries for the animals, there may have been a few territorial issues that resulted in violence, but it has withstood the test of time. The caveman just grabbed a woman and fulfilled his needs. She wasn’t provided a choice. As we evolved we have reached a point where we wish to bypass the process of courtship and merely mate. Unlike the animals, we choose the mate, intense searching for specific traits and attributes until we find that person.

Why do we go to this effort? Man wants woman, woman wants man. Isn’t this enough? Why do we even care about looks, this is a basic need. We don’t think that breathing Chicago’s air is different from New York’s air, we just breathe. I have debated this one for awhile and my answers are always different. If I can resolve my sexual tension tonight is attraction really necessary? If I could have the best sex with a woman who doesn’t hold my interest would I do it? Right now my answer is no, I want attraction. Tomorrow my answer is no, I want sex and each day without it I want sex.

As a evolve man the act of sex is not a animalistic act. There are emotions involved, varying levels but they are there. Will he/she see me again? This is the best ever. I’ll never do this again. There are times even when I’m not in a state of excitement that I see the logic to this. Friends with benefits is almost the same concept, except here they do take time to get to know each other. It’s still dating to me, but I could be wrong. To arrange for sex exclusively to relieve a condition is so ballsy for me. It’s logical and to the point, but can it overcome attraction? The dogs and cats do it.

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