You speak your mind  

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7/13/2006 4:33 pm
You speak your mind

You speak your mind, you’re loud, expressive and people can’t take their eyes off of you when you’re talking. You’re book smart, but that’s not what you’re speaking on today. You could pull up fact after fact to make your point, but speaking from your heart has more impact than any dry set of numbers would convey. When someone disagrees, you stop and give that half mad, fully seductive “Oh you don’t agree look, explain why”.

If they can make their case, you bow down and thank them for their input and resume where you left off with more background support supplied by the opposing speaker. I enjoy the conversation, no matter what it is. You’re sexiness at this time is all consuming, did you know that your breast bounce when you start talking with expression. Your aura is more powerful, your ability to attract has increased drastically and winning the point emphasizes that.

You are truly beautiful, yes in the physical sense, but the beauty of your mind is constantly on display when you speak. To see you is to love at first sight, but to hear your wisdom is to succumb to your personality and spirit and be delivered a greater love. Now that the debate is over and you have yet proven again that to disagree with you would be wrong. I take your hand and have one more challenge for you win.

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