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5/21/2006 9:26 am

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What I

After reading all the profiles of women that I’m interested in I begin to see why I not a good choice for a date. Their request are straight forward and very specific, meticulously thought out. They state who they are and what the man should be like down to his penis length and thickness. He must also be a superman in the bed and sensitivity like a romance hero. When she finds the right man, he will be condemned to fucking her on demand. At her beckoning when she needs him.

That all sounds nice. If I could do all that, maybe my future ex will still want to be with me. Let’s examine what wrong with me. I’m not naturally romantic. I don’t live and breathe what I will do for you next. The real world is kicking my ass and if I don’t watch out, unemployment line. I still can take the time to call and say “Hello” or shoot an email professing my undying love as time permits. I’m not likely to fill the bed with rose petals or place candles around the bathtub. I am flawed.

“Superman in bed.” I have had my moments where I was able to pull this one off. I remember when the KC Royals won the World Series. I had the sheets soaking and put her to sleep, she was exhausted. There were a couple of other times that I pulled this off. Out of 300+ sexual memories, I can recall at best 10 or more occasions that I was a Superman. The expectation that now at 49 I can pull this off every night, scares even me.
My future ex used to crack me up on the “soaked sheets” issue. She would swear that it was me soaking the sheets and I would remind her that it was me wearing the rubber and that there were no holes.

Sensitivity: First of all, I am a man. I know right and wrong and I can cry for items that affect me. My sensitivity is nowhere at the same level as a woman. I can look at the same situation and say “the bastard got what he deserved.” At the same time that the woman is indicating what a shame. “It’s sad that my girlfriend got beat up again by her boyfriend.” she might say, I’m thinking “it’s been over 7 days, boy was she overdue.” Once you keep hitting your head into the wall and complain that it hurts. I’m going to suggest that you stop. If you continue and start complaining again, I’m going to state, “yeah it sure does hurt.”

Someone placed me on their Hotlist and I was flattered, but after reading their profile, there was no way that I could meet their laundry list of sexual needs. From how long to eat their pussy and the minimum size of my penis, I was not the one.

How am I sabotaging myself; first I writing this blog and revealing too much about myself. I admitted to not eating pussy, 99% of the women here have placed that as a requirement. Admitting my penis is average, that make’s it around 6 inches erect (for the women who didn’t know what the average size is.) Bringing my flaws to light on a weekly basis. Admitting that I’m married and looking for companionship.

I got a lot of things going against me and yet I’m still hopeful. Hopeful that some women will realize that their profiles are listing the fantasy guy in the wrong spot. Hopeful that my blog will provide enough insight into who I am and what my value system is.

qyxx 61F
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5/27/2006 9:27 am

No pussy eating, but you want your dick sucked......Good luck


TurnLock replies on 5/27/2006 12:32 pm:
I hear that all the time. It's gonna take a special woman to turn me on that one.

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