Too many good things  

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8/18/2006 6:01 pm

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Too many good things

I remember watching the Ray Charles story with Jamie Foxx, what stuck in my head the most was the woman club owner. She moved Ray into her house and put Ray to work doing stud service. All I could think of was poor, poor Ray. A place to stay, food to eat and sex before your dick got hard, must be torture. I wished I had his problems a room mate that wouldn’t miss an opportunity to tame my harden state. I’m guessing this is too much of a good thing syndrome.

I can’t imagine about having too many good things happen to me. Rich folks complaints that having too much money makes their life miserable, perhaps a trip to the other side of the spectrum is what is needed. Maybe my thinking is askewed, maybe Miss Elliot does need 250 gym shoes, and she must be very athletic

I would love to have a attractive female room mate exploit me sexually, just as long as its nothing needing a police report afterwards. Just wake me up riding Buddy and you’re just asking for a tongue lashing. I can’t imagine the problems of having too much money, other than making bad choices. For women that would be purchasing the most God awful looking dresses for special events. For men that would be buying a different car for every day of the month. Me I would just buy myself a mall and make sure that the food court has my special needs in mind. I would then take the top floor and turn it into my house. I would walk around the mall in my pajamas because this is my house. Pick myself up a new suit, stop by the food court for breakfast. The record shop to listen to music and the cinema for my afternoon movie. Oh yeah, I would have a medical clinic just in case I forget I have medical issues. A wife, nurse, nag someone to shadow me and remind me that cookies are bad, ribs are bad, unprotected sex kills. It would be in my best interest to let my bodyguard beat the guy up instead of me personally interacting.

That’s what I would do with my riches, should the lottery decide to play my numbers.

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