The telethon so far.  

TurnLock 61M
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7/23/2006 6:05 pm
The telethon so far.

Donations have been sarcre and few. No one's manning the phone banks since We ain't got no phones We have hope that your donations will keep us afloat. You are helping to keep the quality of adult blogging intact. Without your support, this could turn into a computer self help blog and believe you me, no one wants that. I'm running on empty. All we need is a few nude pictures, maybe even a couple of Adult Dvd's to keep the light on here at TurnLock's blog. I know in our time of need you'll help. Remember we only want pictures from the ladies. If you have big tits, or a giantic ass send your pictures in and please enclose a phone number, someone from our trained staff will contact you. You don't have to give til it hurts, just give.

Thank you TurnLock.

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