The house is a wreck  

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9/12/2006 5:14 am

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The house is a wreck

I’m not ready to start work today. I want to stay home and clean up. I’m also not ready for the changes that start today. I have to get myself back and forth to the train or bus. I have to prepare my meal before I walk out the house, can’t wait for it to thaw when I get home. I have to learn how to plan meals. So I’m taking a half day to deal with these issues and get my act together.

My house is a wreck, I’ve got all the trash out. Now I’m going thru what’s left and separating what needs to be kept and what needs to go. My wife is happy with her move and I’m happy for her. She’s back with her family and the boys understand that I will contact them everyday and visit once a month.

It was pretty quiet in the house last night. I watched with renew interest my favorite porns. Must do something to deal with the separation anxiety. I was exceptionally horny yesterday, a sign of life. I tried to get someone to help bring it down, but she pointed out that my offer as generous as it was, wasn’t going to get me that relief that I needed.

I was just happy to have a hard on. When they stop coming, what is the good of getting out of bed? Sex will be out of the question for awhile anyway. My front room isn’t going to clean itself and as I look at it I need to quickly resolve this cleanup.


9/12/2006 7:18 pm

Awwww, things will get better. Once the motivation gets you, you will have the whole house cleaned and then you will know that if it's messed up it's because of you and not the ex and the kids....(smile)

TurnLock replies on 9/12/2006 9:06 pm:
I'm getting there. I'll have it cleaned by tomorrow. It is good knowing that I made the mess i'm cleaning up.

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