The Breast Shake  

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7/22/2006 4:36 am

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The Breast Shake

I’m tried of the conventional handshake. It’s good for man man contact. I don’t like shaking hands with women. I prefer a gentle hug and release, but lately that’s not enough. So I’m proposing a new greeting the breast shake. I know it sounds sexual but hear me out.

The breast shake would be a simple greeting of very good friends. The man would approach the woman from behind and cup both breast with each hand and slide his groin into a comfortable groove from the rear. Linger for awhile getting a good handful a gentle squeeze. Now if she’s really a good friend she could take her hand and reach back and cup the man’s penis and provide it a hearty hello.

Now I believe that this greeting will advance friendship to a new level and I wish to take the lead on bringing this to the world. I’ve got to go make some new friends.

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