The Adventures of TurnLock and BadDick  

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6/19/2006 6:00 pm

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The Adventures of TurnLock and BadDick

When we last left our heroes:

Fucked into submission TurnLock revealed the secret location of the car keys and poof the car was gone. ”Damn it BadDick, tricked again.” TurnLock and BadDick begin working on a plan to stop PussyWhiped mind control over them. BadDick the penile wonder suggests watching Academy award winning movies as a means to make him go soft. ”That shit will kill any mood TurnLock.”No BadDick, sometimes Meryl Streep sends me into erectus playus.” Time is running out and our heroes are no where closer to solving this problem. There would be a knock at the door but PussyWhiped has the keys and just let herself in.

”Turnlock you missed me” she says. ”I’m not falling for your shit today PussyWhiped. I’m a protector of women and you are nothing but a … fine as …” TurnLock appears to be losing control BadDick is taking a beating at the hands of TurnLock. BadDick shout, ”TurnLock get a hold of yourself.” It’s a little too late for that remark. PussyWhiped goes in for the kill and BadDick, subcomes to her intense licking and soon TurnLock is left defenseless again. Lying on the bed unable to move, PussyWhiped goes in for the kill. She plants HotPussy and BadDick is totally out of the picture. She gyrates over TurnLock, he tries to resist, but his futile effort doesn’t help. BadDick has gone dark and he is putting a hurting on HotPussy. Mustering what little strength he has left, TurnLock goes into his utilities belt and pulls out a Trojan, ribbed for her pleasure. PussyWhiped seeing the condom gyrates harder in an attempt to weaken TurnLock, BadDick is increasing the blood flow to his head and as he hardens more PussyWhiped is beginning to weaken. Her moans are increasing, her heart beat is getting faster, blood pressure rising, she’s getting lightheaded.

This is the moment Turnlock was waiting for; he pushes PussyWhiped off of him and applies the Trojan Shield to BadDick the penile wonder. BadDick fills the Trojan and is ready to bring down PussyWhiped. There she lays confused and pleasured, unaware of the beating she is about to take. TurnLock approaches PussyWhiped in this confused state and slowly inserts BadDick to the delight of PussyWhiped. HotPussy tries to put up a fight but it’s over and she knows it as she begins to come. PussyWhiped smiles and says ”you win this one TurnLock, maybe next time.

Turnlock says ”there’s not gonna be a next time” and throws PussyWhiped to the bed and BadDick fly’s straight up her ass. PussyWhiped is in heaven now and promises to be good if we don’t stop. Now in complete control BadDick exclaims, ”that was my plan all along TurnLock.” Beaten and totally fucked PussyWhiped surrenders the keys, the whereabouts of the cd collection, the comic collection and the groceries purchased earlier in the day.

At the end of the day TurnLock looks at BadDick and says ”this time we prevailed and it wasn’t easy, I almost lost you to PussyWhiped. We’ve got to keep our guard up and our Trojans ready.

The End?

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