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Sugar mom

When I talk to women there are quite a few of them that can relate a story of a man’s generosity towards them. He purchased some expensive gift for them at some time. A trip, camera, housing ware, furniture. None that I know have had cars purchased, but I have heard of such happening. These men were generous, or conniving in an attempt to gain sexual favors. I’m glad that the women I talked to didn’t go out and solicit these gifts or my opinion and relationship would have changed. Realistically, there is no danger of any woman mistaking me for a Sugar Daddy because I lack the means.

It would be nice to have money like that, but power and money corrupts. I would have women jumping thru hoops to get my money. Might even turn it into a reality show for the Playboy channel ala Flava of Love. Might turn it into a game show called “Fuck the Host” were contestants would compete for glamorous prizes by being the most creative at satisfying the host. I could create “Casting Couch” for wannabe movie starlets. The road to fame or fortune goes thru me.

I have never had the experience of a Sugar Mother. I was going to say a woman has never showered me with gifts and technically that would be true. Women have done nice things for me, not at the level of sugar mom, but they have purchased those highly addictive mints by “Bobs” the mints that melt in your mouth and you can’t stop eating them. We took turns treating each other to lunch at our local Rib & Chicken establishment. Usually they have purchased some type of treat for me or some food. Things I wouldn’t turn down. I did receive a company sweater once, but it was an appreciation for my excellent work skills.

The idea of a woman taking me on a trip, buying me clothes or getting me a car is so remote that I never really considered it a possibility. Especially if the intention was to have sex with me. They just wouldn’t know the true me. I could be had for that $4 Bob mints. I really should keep this a secret or I’ll never get that car. I certainly would be flattered by this course of action, but I couldn’t keep those types of gifts knowing why they were given. I was raised not to take advantage of people’s generosity.

Now I can’t fault women for taking these gifts. Men have set this as a standard for years. In our most causal form of dating, we bear some gift. If it’s taking you out to dinner, paying for a movie, buying you something to endear ourselves with you, we just have to do it. We would be hurt if you didn’t take it. Your only reason for not taking it would be not to have the strings attached with it. Which is a noble reason.

Back to my sugar mother dream. I know you are out there and even though “Bob’s mints” could get you over the top, strive for totally dominating my thoughts, bring me some ribs while dressed like a French nurse and ask me if there’s anything I can do to help you with those ribs. I would spend all day thinking about you and the next shipment of ribs.

Oh yeah, we would do that sex thing that you wanted.

P.S. Certain words can't be used on AdultFriendFinder so Sugar Mother is a substitute for the more obvious word.

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