Still Broken  

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6/29/2006 5:50 pm
Still Broken

My laptop could not be fixed yesterday. The new motherboard was DOA out the box. I got up this morning and it kept shutting down every 5 minutes. It's working now, but who know when and how it will start acting up. I'm waiting for a new motherboard. My sleeping on the bus has increased tremendously. I went to Oak Brook today and they thought it was funny that my laptop was broken. They thought I was supposed to fix it. I had to explain to them how far I could go to fix the computer. Replacement parts was beyond that point.

I was dozing off and I had a visitor and we discussed TCP/IP and subneting shortcuts. I explained the benefits of pursuing her Cisco Certifications. We had a nice long talk about her pursuing a career in networking. There a manager there she smiles all the time, always positive. I don't know how she does it and she won't tell. I'm still looking for a place to stay. I'm leaning towards Palatine around the metra that would reduce my commute to 1 hr. Giving me more time to devote to a part time job so that I can make just enough money to survive. I couldn't wait to leave, but today is Thursday and we get the slow bus driver. He's afraid to drive that big Greyhound like bus, so he drives slow and refuses to change lanes to speed up the trip. That's all for the day.

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