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Reading for Fun.

Everyone I knows read for entertainment, not a moment that two people can share. It’s good for “I’m busy and leave me the heck alone time.” Some people prefer to let their imaginations paint the picture for them. I’m not one of those. I have read for enjoyment, but it was stories that were not movies. My favorites were all books written by Phillip Roth. He wrote Portnoy’s Complaint, which was a movie eventually, but I was still too young for the movie, not to young for the book. Portnoy was a confused man who enjoyed sex, but used it for conquest and control. Got impotent when he finally found the woman of his dreams. I was too young to appreciate the story line. I enjoyed the erotic nature of the material and the funny situations that were presented by the author. Portnoy jacked off into the liver that his mother was preparing for dinner and his father exclaimed that she did something special and that it was delicious.

My favorite Phillip Roth book was “Our Gang” a charming satire on Richard Nixon and his firm control on America and his actions taken to get re-elected. His war against the Boy Scouts of America and his desire to give the fetus its own vote. The President had an untimely death and went to hell, where he discovered that the Devil wasn’t living up to the vileness of his position. President Nixon decided that a change of management was necessary and that he would bring fear back to hell if elected.

It’s been years since I’ve read a book and comic books don’t count. Yes, I still maintain my childhood comic collection. Once in a blue moon, I might even buy a new book and read it. The blunt of my reading is Big Boring Technical Manuals, 600 to 900 pages of wonder. I can read and retain your average 600 page tech manual in about 30 days and test out on the baby on the fifth or sixth week. I haven’t read a tech manual in awhile, because it is a true commitment. I can’t start and stop and pickup later. It has to be a chapter a day every day for 20 to 30 days. I’ve got six books to read and I’m going to have to set aside some reading time. Funny I can’t read on the six hour a day train ride I do. Read on the train, puts me to sleep. I can use my computer and type this without going to sleep, but put a book in my hand and its lights out.

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