Re-living the Past and what  

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4/23/2006 10:00 am

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Re-living the Past and what

I found out this week that diabetes is my new friend. I spent a few days in the Hospital. I was surprised by how flirty the nurses and hospital staff are. For years I have had visors on and never really noticed Women flirting with me. Now that my wife is my roommate, I notice everything. This takes me back to 2 years ago, to the one of the few times that I did notice this Woman flirting with me. Working with computers I have to respond to any system or machine outages and the training room reported a problem with a user’s computer. I entered the training room and the students were still there. I stood by the door waiting for the instructor to acknowledge me and let me do my job. There was a student there that announced me to the instructor as the “handsome tech guy standing by the door.” As usual I would ignore those comments, but this time in the back of my mind I acknowledge it, but placed it back into the normal categories and did my job. When I completed repairing the problem. I asked if their were any other issues needing my attention and this student (Clair) mention that she needed some work done on her computer, indicating that it was running too fast and not providing her a break in between tasks. I laughed and left the room. Every time after that when I would encounter Clair she would openly compliment me and flirt with me. After awhile, I got used to it and was even flattered. At this time I was happily married and wasn’t looking to step outside my marriage. Clair was attractive, about 5”4’ to 5”6, light skin, Black and equiped with ample breast and a substantly large ass. If I wasn’t married, who knows? I know, I would have jumped Clair in a heartbeat. Clair and I developed a friendly relationship. We took each other out to lunch and hung around when time permitted. If I had asked her too we would have been doing more than talking. That was a line I couldn’t cross. If only Clair was around now, different story. I’ve met two women this week, yeah for me. One I met in the hospital and one here.

The Woman in the hospital peaked my interest because of her perfume. She wore Spark by Liz Claiborne. Oh that smell, I would follow any woman off a cliff with that perfume. I would wake up in the morning to that scent and I would breathe it in as if my life depended on it. We talked for awhile, I gave her my number and hopes she calls, but I’m not expecting much.

After I got out of the hospital I checked my mail and got a response from my friend finder that I expressed an interest in and she asked me to call her. I was a little nervous about the prospect of calling her. I reread her profile and I got warm fuzzies and this urge to light a cigarette. If I had ED it cleared up after that profile. I called her when I thought I had some quiet time, but my kids wouldn’t let me have that peace. We had a good conversation about everything. I felt that I was slow responsively and slightly dragging the conversation. She worked with me despite the kids and my nervousness and I felt it was a good conversation none the less and I look forward to talking to her and hopefully spending time with her.

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