Prehistoric Man  

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6/12/2006 5:48 pm

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Prehistoric Man

Riding the train home would usually mean firing up a movie that I subscribe to. Not in the mood for a movie, I would fire up my “Fruity Loops” music composition program. Listen to the work that my son has done. He is good, some of his stuff is strange, got that from his father. Some of it is pure genius. I didn’t have this stuff when I was 14. I had a guitar and a 2 track reel to reel that I used to make music. My son has a whole music studio at his hands and he know how to use it. Sometimes it’s like a competition, as usual kids don’t think that dad knows anything about this equipment or music for that matter.

How many times do I remind them that I’m a computer tech and few programs stump me. How many times do I remind that I went to school for music composition. It doesn’t matter to him because that was in the prehistoric days. You know when computers had abacus in them. We had to fly a kite to get electricity, those days. I give up, they know so much more than me. Let life be the teacher, prehistoric man can’t provide insight.

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