Not for Profit, 1st TurnLock telethon  

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7/22/2006 3:55 am

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Not for Profit, 1st TurnLock telethon

The TurnLock blog is of course a not for profit venture hosted by AdultFriendFinder. The purpose of this blog is to allow me to express myself and share my thoughts and personality with perspective dates. It has grown beyond that and I now have male viewers, which I never expected, but it’s good to have the fellowship of my fellow males.

Now this blog has been in place since April 2006. Running off my creative thoughts and desires. Now it’s not easy being creative. Creativity requires stimulus; visual or audio experiences. These experiences are not easy to come by and that’s why were sponsoring the 1st TurnLock telethon. We are severely hurting for resources, phone banks being the main thing were missing, so don’t call to pledge, we ain’t got no phones!

What you can do to keep the TurnLock blog up and running is to supply us with your comments, ideas and suggestions. 10% of this blog belongs to you that’s all I can give and I might take it back so watch out. Right now I’m seeking donations to keep us on-track, send in pictures of yourself in various states of undress. I must stress this request is for the women only. Men just keep doing whatever you’re doing. Especially pictures of Big Breast and or Big Asses, this will keep the lights on the TurnLock blog for months to come. Remember I will protect your identity so have no fear. Throw in some phone numbers to, I might have to solicit you directly to keep TurnLock alive.

Just to let you know; I now have the following numbers:


But I don’t have yours.

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