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7/13/2006 2:32 am

I have never considered myself to be a nerd or plainly uncool. Unfortunately a lot of the personality traits were prominent in me. I was smart, kept to myself, shy and didn’t hang around the cool kids. Didn’t talk to girls for awhile too shy and I was a member of the crossing guards and the audio visual club and the chess club. Looking back I was nerdy, but it all seemed normal to me. I was the 2nd smartest in my class a competition we judged weekly. I remember as a sophomore in H.S. there was this very pretty senior girl who sat next to me in my architect class. She had the hots for me, I knew this because she played me like a flute, couldn’t keep her hands off me. I liked girls but this was uncomfortable touching for me. I had to excuse myself a couple of times, she was all over the place, if she had touched my penis at that age, and she might have gotten somewhere.

I continued my nerdness to College. I joined the ROTC, the bowling club and the chess club. I went bowling because I loved watching women throw the ball down the lane. There’s a lot of jiggling there. I enjoy bowling today for that reason and the competition, I like winning and taunting. If not for the Army I may still be a nerd today. They got women in the Army. Who was crazy enough to have men and women living in the same barracks, should have placed Motel on the outside of the building.

My involvement with women increased here as a result of working with them and being around them. I must admit there were some women I had to work with that where there for there looks. I wanted to report this one woman for incompetence but her boyfriend, who I would have had to report her too, might not have liked that. When I had to work with her I made sure she didn’t touch anything and that she stayed away while I was working. This might sound sexist but if she was a man, same treatment. Dumb people generate dumb ideals, she was no help and couldn’t do the job to save her life, why else would two techs with the same classifications be assigned to the same project. They had to pull me from Seoul a couple of hundreds miles away to help her.

Korea I lost my virginity and my nerdness. Stopped talking technical and was in pursuit of all the sex that my penis could handle. It wasn’t about me any more. Marriage may have brought back the nerdness, the sexual energy was now under restrains. My technical interests resumed and my quest for knowledge continues. I’m still nerdy, but I’ve added an interest for women.

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