My future-ex  

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8/30/2006 5:26 pm

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My future-ex

We are still friends which is good, since I have to deal with her for the next 13 years. She told me this story about this 21 year old boy who was hitting on her while she was doing her morning walks. What stood out about the boy to me was his naivety. He thought he could approach an older woman with his poor macking skills. He told her that he didn’t like younger girls because they were too much of a freak for him. I asked my future-ex to get names and numbers next time they talked. She would keep running into him on the weekend walks. I told her he was laying in wait for her, she didn’t listen. This time he was a little more direct when he talked to her, he mention he had some condoms and they could go some place and have some fun.

In my 49 years, I never would have come up with such a suggestion to a woman I barely knew. I told my future-ex that this boy was lacking in the social graces and was most likely every bit of crazy. She fed me he needs a mother figure and I told her even Freud thought it was wrong to have sex with your mother. Well this Sunday she slept in late because of the rain and at 9am the door bell rang. The first thing that popped in my mind was the Police, something happened to my Van or they were coming to get me.

As I was thinking what could I have possible did this time to warrant a Police visit, I opened the door and saw this young man with his bike at my door. I said to myself this must be one of my son’s crazy friends dropping by this early in the morning to play. So in my most menacing voice I said “Yes!” He asked if Cheryl lived here and I said “Who?” followed by “No she doesn’t live here, hand me that paper on the ground before you go.” He saved me a walk so I said thanks, at that time it hit me that Cheryl was awful close to my future-ex’s name. Then it hit me he was older than my son’s friends and two maybe crazy boy is stalking my future-ex.

I told her what had just happened and she was surprised, I wasn’t I told her the boy was crazy. She was wondering how he found our house. I told her he was on his bike, probably rode around looking for the van and thought you would open the door. I mentioned again that he was crazy, because if I was the jealous type the Police would have really had to come get me for dotting his eyes. He was either ballsy or fucking nuts to ring my door bell looking for my future-ex.

I tried to explain to her all the things she did wrong, but she believed that he was a troubled soul in need of a mother figure. I responded a mother figure to fuck, hey I buy that. Thinking of my mother is how I get out of the mood for sex, so I’m sticking with she is so wrong. She called him to tell him that he shouldn’t be knocking on our door, her next mistake, now he has her cell phone number. I’m going to have to sit her down and explain men to her one last time and what “Can I have your number” really means.

Today’s lesson we learned that young men:

  • like older women
  • lack the game to pick then up
  • Don’t take a phone number unless you’re ready for them to have your number.
  • When you’re first approached by someone you have no interest, shut em down then, don’t leave room for hope.
  • If they come to your door, call the police, they got issues.

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    8/30/2006 9:07 pm

    That was quite a story. Funny, but scarey at the same time. Single women have to be careful. Even teenagers can harm you. They can stalk you. They can make your life miserable. Thankyou for posting this, TL. Maybe it will help some other woman, and make her think about who she talks to.

    "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

    TurnLock replies on 9/3/2006 7:36 am:
    I saw all the things she did wrong, because I watch Lifetime and know crazy when I hear it.

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