My favorite blogs followed by an Apology  

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5/23/2006 4:55 am

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My favorite blogs followed by an Apology

My 5 year old son loves me to death. He loves to hit me, beat me at Playstation and hug me to death. Thanks to those hugs, I caught his cold yesterday and I stayed home. I stayed on AdultFriendFinder most of the day reading blogs and responding to blogs. It must be in my nature to put my 2 cents in. I can’t stop myself from commenting. Sometimes I reveal more of my personality than should be known. At least I haven’t demonstrated my anger yet. I can be so anal at times, thank you Army training. If I don’t like you and you persist in working up my anger, I will systematically plan your downfall, bit by bit. I’ve only had this problem with a few managers, while working for the U.S. Government home of the racists. That’s another story, I wish not to recall.

I’ve been reading four blogs with regularity, not religiously, not at that point yet and they are:

“The Den” by Lyoness

I must confess it was the picture that made me take a look. After reading her stories, I was hooked. Her sexuality comes across in her writing and soon I felt like I was there. At least I was there for the breakup of Mr. 5hrs. I didn’t see it coming. She is as close to my fantasy girl as reality will allow. She sure talks alot about getting her braids removed and getting her hair done. Naturally I put my 6 cents in with comments. Who pays me for this? Her writing has activated my lust cycle.

“Rantings of a Horny Woman” by Tempt_Me_Now

The title suckered me in, the stories kept me in. She is focused on ending her horness, by scheduling her sexual encounters and later sharing the experience with us. The voyeur in me can’t resist.

“My New & Less Bitter Alter Ego”

Again the title peaked my interest and after seeing the picture with it, I exclaimed “DAMN!!!” Yes, all caps “DAMN!!!” Frogger1995 is sporting the nicest set of breast that I have seen. It took awhile to get to the articles; I was temporally blinded with that image implanted on my corneas. I loved her confidence, cocky writing style. I guess a PhD makes it easier. Her sexual encounters were worth the price of admission. I want to move to Texas or Canada, not to sure which.

“The world According to Qyxx” by Qyxx

I got to her from another blog. I like her down to earth communication style. Like talking to a relative about everything. She is quite opinionated; love that in a Black Woman.

Yesterday, I sent out some emails looking to correspond via email, chat or whatever communication is available. I made a comment that I thought was innocent and I was called out by the receiptant. Actually it went like this:

I'm looking for someone to email and chat with to improve my social skills. I want to be your friend. I missed your age cutoff, by quite a few years, but I'm interested in getting to know you. The local boys can take of your other needs.

--I agree, you need to polish you social skills a bit. Case in point... I don't have any local boys taking care of any of my needs. I'm sure you didn't mean to imply that I have a revolving door of men or something. I think social lesson one is that just because a woman is on a sex site, does not mean you get to make ANY assumptions about her, good or bad. Regardless of her perceived persona, you should, in my opinion always show a little respect to who ever you decide to contact. Good Luck.

I can admit when I’m wrong and boy was I wrong here. The power of words is something else. When I said “Local boys” I was thinking the distance between us. I wouldn’t be able to date her, take her out and yes I did think sex. I was only seeking email contact and I assumed that the “Local boys” could do the other stuff that our distances would not allow. Looking at it from her perspective, I saw how that could be interpreted to be something bad. I apologized vigorously, because she was right. This being a sex site subconsciously I may take things as a given. I’m going to have to watch myself moreso here than anywhere else. The casual environment does lead to assumptions that may or may not be true. If I start with respect as she states, I’ll be fine.

Showing this email should also qualify for "Sabotage Award" I'm losing cool points.

qyxx 61F
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5/27/2006 9:19 am

Thank you....Yes I am quite opinionated....LOL


Lyoness 44F
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5/29/2006 1:40 am

thanks for enjoying me. i wonder if i can ever enjoy you?

TurnLock replies on 5/29/2006 6:14 am:
As my mind goes thru the various way to intrepret your question, how do I respond to my fantasy? My answer to you would be the same as for J-Lo, yes!!. How, that's easy, IMC, email, read my blog, I'll be reading yours.

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