My First Date Plans - A work in progress  

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6/8/2006 5:57 pm

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My First Date Plans - A work in progress

I was reading Prontonic Man's blog and he is preparing for his next sexual experience and it got me thinking, what if I get a date?

I’m planning for the eventual event that I do get to go out on a date. I plan to present a specific theme a presentation of me in the best light. So I’m going to get this hotel and fill the bed with a bouquet of condoms shaped like a heart, and I’m going to use each and every last one of them. Some for sex other’s for water balloons.

So I guess planning would be a good ideal. A hotel is out of the question, it is a first date. I don’t want to have sex with a future stalker, chainsaw mama, fatal attraction and spend months trying to escape this situation. I would like to eat and be entertained and maybe some quiet time. It’s hard to think seriously about this, when a strip club comes to mind.

I would like to enjoy a meal at Famous Dave’s. A selections of all the foods that my Doctor has deemed I no longer need in my life. I would then like to be entertained at Riddles Comedy club. Get a good laugh, take this opportunity to see if she has a sense of humor or is a stuffed skirt. A woman with no sense of humor is torturing herself being with me. My favorite place to chill is downtown at Daley Center. When I used to work at Arlington Heights, I would walk from one Metra station to the next and stop at the Daley Center. Sometimes at night they would play Jazz on the PA system and I would sit there and just chill and rest before I continued my trip. It was peaceful and I appreciated them playing the music. I should say the hobo’s and I appreciated it.

I can’t think of a commercial establishment other than a bar that would play music, but they are far from quiet. So I would have to take her all the way to the Daley Center and just do nothing. Might have to scratch this off the list unless I’m downtown. No Daley Center I would seek out a nice jazz club to sit and mellow out listening to the smooth sounds of whoever is playing. I would take this opportunity to check my blood sugar and see if I could survive an old fashioned Mike’s Hard lemonade. The best thing about not being a drinker, is one or two drinks is my capacity.

So my first date would be

Famous Dave’s
Riddle’s Comedy Club
Jazz Club
Porno Shop or Strip Club (optional)
Hotel (optional)
Police Line-up (optional unless required)
St. James Hospital bed 314 (They know me up there).

rm_kalanchoe88 55F

6/10/2006 5:42 pm

I love the water balloon idea. Also the police line-up remark. (a man with a sense of humor!) I have a suggestion, though. Maybe you should give the woman involved some input too. We have our own ideas about what's fun.

TurnLock replies on 6/11/2006 2:55 am:
Kala, being a man requires that I make mistakes from time to time. Turn left when I should turn right, types of things. Never use the map when I lost or ask for directions. You're asking me to turn right when I should turn right. Actually that is a good idea, I will certainly ask her what a good night out for her would entail. Calculator in hand and then explain how much $$ I like that idea. Thanks, I will do that.

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